Harappa is a learner-centred institution of the future.
Our unique curriculum addresses the massive talent needs and employability challenges India faces.
Our learning experiences drive transformative career and organizational success using Thrive Skills, an essential set of cognitive, social and behavioral skills

Our Inspiration


We are inspired to pioneer a new frontier at the intersection of lifelong learning, technology and impact.
The ancient civilization of Harappa called out to us for its timeless excellence and foundational wisdom.
The power of this association anchors our purpose and our conviction
to create a learning institution India can be proud of

Our Pedagogy

Our approach is rooted in academic research, expert insights and behavioral science.
Its impact comes from a strong focus on application-oriented pracademic curriculum.
This is enhanced by a friction-free experience, analysis-rich
platform and benchmark learning tech

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Our Values

As much as we are committed to building a learning institution,
our strongest conviction comes from a deeply-held value system that motivates and drives each one of us

Our Founders

Pramath and Shreyasi share roots, vision and a hometown: Patna, Bihar. In their roles as Chief Inspirer & Chief Warrior, they bring their unique abilities to Harappa

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Our Founders

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