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Communication Excellence Course Pack is a collection of five online courses which will help you master all areas of effective communication. In these courses, you will learn the concepts and frameworks to comprehend, write and express your thoughts effectively.

These courses are created for anyone who desires to communicate with impact, confidence and persuasion. Learn from over 65 concepts and frameworks like Storytelling, Aristotle’s appeal, SCQR technique, The Cornell note-taking method, PAM framework and many more.

You'll Learn To

Courses You'll Learn


Speaking Effectively
Learn express your ideas effectively

7 hr 58 mins

  • Module 1 : Craft The Message
  • Module 2 : The Three Appeals
  • Module 3 : Verbal Communication
  • Module 4 : Nonverbal Communication
  • Module 5 : Difficult Conversations
  • Module 6 : Practicing In Real-Life Situations
  • Module 7 : Speaking Virtually
  • Conclusion: Harappa Capsule
  • Additional Reading

Building Presence
Learn to make impact in every interaction

4 hr 14 mins

  • Module 1 : Pay Attention To Your Presence
  • Module 2 : Building Your Personal Brand
  • Module 3 : Harappa TEA Framework
  • Module 4 : Visual Cues
  • Module 5 : Communicating Your Personal Brand
  • Conclusion: Harappa Capsule
  • Additional Reading

Writing Proficiently
Learn the art of persuasive business writing

4 hr 45 mins

  • Module 1 : Structure Your Writing
  • Module 2 : The Harappa GRT Framework
  • Module 3 : From Theory To Practice
  • Module 4 : A Writers Checklist
  • Conclusion: Harappa Capsule
  • Additional Reading

Reading Deeply
Read content, people and situations deeper, faster & smarter

3 hr 47 mins

  • Module 1 : Reading Deeply Matters
  • Module 2 : Pre-Reading
  • Module 3 : During Reading
  • Module 4 : Post Reading
  • Module 5 : Reading People
  • Conclusion: Harappa Capsule
  • Additional Reading

Listening Actively
Understand others' views through deliberate and empathetic listening

3 hr 13mins

  • Module 1 : What Is Active Listening?
  • Module 2 : The Listening Process
  • Module 3 : Obstacles To Listening Actively
  • Conclusion: Harappa Capsule
  • Additional Reading

Our Star Faculty

What Our Learners Say

"Effective speaking means being able to say what you want to say in a way that's heard and acted upon. A wonderful course by Harappa Education."

Priti Soni
Product Trainer

"The Speaking Effectively course has enhanced my ability to maintain an agenda in a discussion and share my expectations clearly with my team."

Vikram Gupta
Executive Director, Dalmia Cement

“The Writing Proficiently course has helped me get back to my passion for writing with a systematic approach. I've published 11 anthologies during the lockdown!”

Lavi Bachchis
MBA Student, Lovely Professional University

"Learned how to deliver clear, appropriate and effective verbal communication through Harappa’s Speaking Effectively course."

Joy Prakash
Marketing Communications Intern, Times Internet

"Thank to Writing Proficiently course, I've learned that structure, purpose of writing, audience, and tone are key to writing with impact."

Aayushi Aggarwal
Project Intern, KPMG India

"The course has helped me rectify and standardize my voice and tone in official communication. I have understood that being specific, precise and honest goes a long way."

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