Thrive Stories

Stay Inspired On Your Path To Excellence With Short Stories And Narratives, Drawn From Lessons In History The Careers Of Incredible Men And Women And Our Own Life Experiences

Frequently Asked Questions

Thrive Skills are an essential set of cognitive, social and behavioral skills to enable our learners to continuously succeed, at every stage of their career.

Thrive Skills are relevant for professionals to build essential competencies that’ll help them navigate their most crucial career cusps. We believe Thrive Skills should be exciting for the learner, meaningful for their employers, and inspiring for Harappa’s courseware designers and facilitators!

We know as workplaces evolve, competency requirements do too. Harappa’s Thrive Skills are ever-evolving and informed by contemporary thinking on essential workplace skills, conversations with talent development experts and Harappa’s point of view on what it takes to truly make an impact at work. No matter the industry or competency you are trying to build in your teams, Harappa can help you identify the right Thrive Skill and program to help your employees drive transformative success and achieve peak performance.

All of Harappa’s sharply targeted programs are mapped to must-have Thrive Skills that learners will develop by the end of their learning journey. To find out more about the Thrive Skills mapped to each program, click here.

For leadership success, Harappa offers three sharply-targeted flagship programs: High Performing Leaders Program, Powerful Presence Program and Women’s Leadership Program. Each of these programs is mapped to more than 15 top Thrive Skills such as Audience Connect, Client Centricity, Brand Building, Powerful Storytelling and Big Picture Thinking. Find out more here.

At Harappa, we strongly believe that asynchronous learning is a great medium for learning Thrive Skills as it provides learners a safe space to explore and internalize concepts. But application is key. It can be a compelling experience for individuals to learn skills online, apply skills in real life, and come back online to reflect and improve.