It’s five minutes before your presentation. Your heartbeat is becoming faster. Your face is flushed. And you want to pack your bag and retreat into the comfort of your home.

If that’s how you feel every time you have to make a presentation, you’re not alone. It’s not uncommon to panic before speaking in public, but it’s not an insurmountable problem.

Here are some easy tips to beat your shyness and give great presentations. 

  • Prepare a script

Do you ever start speaking and then find yourself fumbling to find the correct words? I am a quiet person, and this becomes a nightmare for me while making a presentation. Preparing a script helps me ensure I am not at a loss for words. Scripts help structure information logically and present a story instead of reading out random slides that only make sense in your head. And don’t worry, you don’t have to memorize the script. Just read through it twice to make sure you get the words and flow correctly.

  • Rehearse at least twice

Once you have your scrip ready, your presentation is clear in your head. Now is the time to get over your initial hesitation by rehearsing at least twice with close friends/colleagues. This is a great way to also get feedback and enhance your script, if necessary.

  • Connect with the audience

Worried about talking to strangers or facing a judgmental audience? Talk to one or two audience members before you start presenting. This should make you feel more comfortable with the audience in general, and realize that they also are just humans (who probably feel as nervous as you before presenting).

  • Keep a notebook and pen

Ever faced an uncomfortable situation during a presentation? A query or feedback that you have no answer to? Keep a notebook near you to jot these down and let the audience know you’ll follow up with them. Writing not only tells your audience that their feedback/queries matter, but it also gives you enough time to get back on track with your presentation.

  • Water is your best friend

Water is the best friend you can have during presentations if your face has a tendency to turn red hot or your throat dries out. If you feel your panic levels rising like crazy during the presentation, pause, take a sip of water, relax and then continue.

Hope these quick tips help with your next presentation. Go get ‘em, tiger.

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