Data Points

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Consumer (B2C)
India B2B (Enterprise & Institutions)
India B2B
Target: 5.5 Cr
Actual: 0.53 Cr
Monthly YTD Revenue vs Target (in October)
Target: 1.25 Cr
Actual: 1.22 Cr
Monthly YTD Revenue vs Target (in October)
India B2B
Target: 6,591
Actual: 603
Monthly YTD Learners vs Target (in October)
Target: 5,270
Actual: 7,154
Monthly YTD Learners vs Target (in October)
India B2B: 87,901
B2C: 48,216
Total Lifetime Learners
(on Nov 15)
India B2B: 39.94 Cr
B2C: 6.5 Cr
Total Lifetime Revenue
(on Nov 15)
India B2B: 3,59,322
B2C: 1,58,456
Total Courses Sold Till Date (on Nov 15)
162 Total Unique Clients Till Date
(on Nov 15)
Speaking Effectively Most Sold Course (in October)
75% 90-Day Program Completion (B2B Overall)
87% B2C Learning Journey Starts
(as on Nov 16)
4.52/5B2B Cumulative CFR Score (as on Nov 16)
4,19,150 Yesterday's Revenue (on Nov 16)
201 New Learners Yesterday (on Nov 16)
203 Total Transactions Yesterday (on Nov 16)
995Total Courses Sold Yesterday
(on Nov 16)
1,42,077Total Courses Sold Till Date
(on Nov 16)
6.1 CrTotal Revenue Generated Till Date (on Nov 16)
59,617Total Learners Till Date (on Nov 16)
32,644Total Transactions Till Date
(on Nov 16)
Speaking Effectively Most Purchased Course YTD
2,369CAC (in October)
2,078AOV (in October)
2,360CPT (in October)
0.22%Repeat Rev. %
(in October)
Overall: 25.28 Cr
Enterprise: 10.25 Cr
Institutions: 15.03 Cr
Total Contracted Revenue (YTD)
Overall: 53,920
Enterprise: 12,647
Institutions: 41,273
Total No. of Learners (YTD)
Overall: 2,36,172
Enterprise: 38,636
Institutions: 1,97,536
Total No. of Courses Activated (YTD)
4.6/5CFR (in October)
WME Global, Trianz Holdings, Indian Oil Corporation, Hyundai Construction

Institutions: N/A
New Clients Added (in October)
0%Repeat Rev. %
(in October)
18%YTD Repeat Rev. %
Enterprise: HPL
Institutions: N/A
Most Popular Program (in October)
Overall: 8,766
Enterprise: 8,766
institution: N/A
ARPU (in October)
Enterprise: Hyundai Construction ( 0.35 Cr)

Institutions: N/A
Biggest Deal (in October)
Enterprise: Sterlite Technologies ( 0.99 Cr)

Institutions: Rathinam Group of institution ( 1.34 Cr)
Biggest Deal Till Date
ISP: 6,15,000 (12%)
HA: 14,70,000 (28%)
HPL: 18,65,000 (35%)
FTM: 6,36,000 (12%)

Institutions: N/A Revenue by Programs (in October)
Total: 0.53 Cr
IT/ITES/GIC: 0.13 Cr (25.07%), BFSI: 0%, Retail/CPG/Pharma: 0%, Manufacturing/PSU: 0.39 Cr (72.83%) and Prime: 0.01 Cr (2.10%)
Institutions: N/A
Revenue by Markets (in October)
Overall: 4.34%
Enterprise: 4.80%
Institutions: 3.47%
Pre-Sales Deal Win % YTD
Overall: 84.18%
Enterprise: 84.18%
Institutions: N/A
Revenue Contribution by
Pre-Sales (in October)
Overall: 53%
Enterprise: 41%
Institutions: 83%
90-Day Program Completion Rate
14 minAverage Session Duration
(in October)
9.5 DaysAverage Time Taken to Finish A Course
(in October)
Tuesday and FridayMost Popular Day to Learn (in October)
4 PM to 6 PMMost Popular Time to Learn
(in October)
3 DaysLearning Streak (in October)
67.35%Average Course Score (Learning Score) (in October)
How to Navigate Meetings from Speaking Effectively Most Retained Concepts
(in October)
Repairing arguments from Thinking Critically Least Retained Concepts
(in October)
Building Presence Highest Rated Course (in October)
● Trust in Teams from Managing Teamwork
● Prepare to Make An Impact from Speaking Effectively
Most Revisited Concepts (in October)
● Are They Listening? from Speaking Effectively
● How to Ace A Virtual Interview from Ace The interview
Most Revisited Concepts (in October)
Enterprise: +0.55
Institutions: +0.71
Sentiment Analysis
(in October)
100% invoice raised for 34% Clients Average Invoicing Percentage (in October)
Enterprise: Intellect Design had 100% program completion

Institutions: NUTM has 95% course completion on preterm Courses and high CFR of 4.7/5
Spotlight (in October)
45.45SPOC Rating
(in October)
Blended: 63%
Course Only: 27%
Live Only: 9%
Partnership: 1%
Delivery Type Segregation YTD
522Total Number of Live Sessions (YTD)
812Total Hours of Live Delivered (YTD)
418 Total Corporate Hours Delivered (YTD)
394 Total Campus Hours Delivered (YTD)
1,751 Total Number of Nudges (YTD)
38.04% Open Rate (YTD)
34.93% Click Through Rate (CTR) (in October)
4.51 Weekly Average Live Session Rating (From Nov 8 to Nov 15)