Are unrealistic targets the right parameter for


Employees are a company’s most valuable asset.

With the Great Resignation and the unprecedented churn, business growth is at risk. Without seamless continuity, organizations lose learning and wisdom. Employee retention is crucial to accomplish company goals.

Appraisals are aimed to be valuable goal trackers, for the individual, as well as their managers, and the company, at large. Everyone hopes that the annual process is more than just a ‘tick box’ exercise.

Yet, every year, the season of appraisal is marred by perceived unfairness, loss of trust and thorny conflict. Both parameters and the outcomes to evaluate them become sources of disagreement, leading to reduced job satisfaction and higher attrition.

And so, we ask a key question: Isn’t it time to agree on targets that both managers and their teams can be in sync with?

Rethink Targets, #RethinkAppraisals

Is it time
to rethink Targets

What Employees Think


of employees feel their boss’s expectations are unrealistic


of employees feel that annual reviews are inaccurate


of employees who quit their jobs cite “lack of appreciation” as their reason for leaving


of employees say they would work harder if they felt their efforts were better recognized


of Gen Y said they prefer on-the-spot recognition over formal reviews

What Employers Think


of HR execs believe performance reviews aren’t an accuprogress representation of employee performance


of respondents find that their teams’ targets are unrealistic


of Fortune 500 companies have gotten rid of ranking employees


of HR managers think the traditional performance reviews are outdated and need to be renewed


of respondents find that the performance appraisal is not an accurate measure of their teams’ performance

*Source: Harappa, Globoforce, Clear Company, O.C. Tanner, LinkedIn Talent, Gartner, Washington Post, Mercer, SHRM

What can managers and organizations do to improve appraisal accuracy and efficiency?

So, would you
Rethink Targets

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