Be The Go-To Problem Solver

  • Identify core problems to be resolved
  • Develop keen judgement with sound decision-making
  • Analyse, develop and recommend practical and complete solutions
  • Master executing well, despite challenges

Problem Solver Course Pack

5-Online Courses @ ₹4,495 ₹2,499/-

Why Is Problem Solving Essential?


Sales Managers

Develop an empathetic approach to sales to develop long lasting relationships

Team Leaders

Effectively develop solutions to complex business problems

business Owners

Identify gaps in the market and solve real problems for customers

Know All About The Course Pack

Impactful problem-solving separates leaders from others. Everyone faces problems, whether at work, in their personal life or in the day-to-day running of their business. How you solve these problems defines your level of success. The Problem Solver course pack will help you develop a critical approach to in depth problem solving, effective decision making and rational solutions.

Courses You'll Learn


Defining Problem

  • Module 1 : Understanding Problems
  • Module 2 : Barriers to Problem Definition
  • Module 3 : Harappa Problem Definition Framework
  • Conclusion
  • Additional Reading

Structuring Problems

  • Module 1 : Breaking Big Problems Down
  • Module 2 : The Magic of MECE
  • Module 3 : Using The Logic Tree
  • Module 4 : Beyond Logic Tree
  • Conclusion
  • Additional Reading

Creating Solutions

  • Module 1 : Logic For Large Problems
  • Module 2 : Approaching Analysis
  • Module 3 : The Five Characteristics Of Good Analysis
  • Module 4 : Synthesizing Your Solutions
  • Conclusion
  • Additional Reading

Executing Solutions

  • Module 1 : Swinging Into Action
  • Module 2 : Creating An Execution Strategy
  • Module 3 : Monitoring And Measuring
  • Module 4 : When Crisis Hits
  • Conclusion:
  • Additional Reading

Making Decisions

  • Module 1 : The Art Of Making Good Decisions
  • Module 2 : Identifying The Types Of Decisions
  • Module 3 : Decision Making Tools
  • Module 4 : Making Decisions In Uncertain Situations
  • Module 5 : Avoiding Biases And Pitfalls
  • Module 6 : Framing and Communicating Decisions
  • Conclusion: Harappa Capsule
  • Additional Reading

Meet Your Expert Faculty

Yashodhara Lal

Marketing Expert;
IIM Bangalore alumna

Joseph Jawahar

Leadership Coach & Facilitator; formerly Bank of America

Pramath Raj Sinha

Founder & Chairman,
Harappa Education;
Founder & Trustee, Ashoka University; Founding Dean, ISB


Akhil Neelam
Consultant, Government of Andhra Pradesh

My experience with Harappa has been great so far! The habits taught are especially relevant for workplace problems that plague both intrapreneurial and entrepreneurial contexts. The assessments at the end of each module were a highlight for me.

Rubal Mittal
Student, IIM Lucknow

The conceptual clarity, choice of faculty, interactive modules, audio stories, useful highlights and assessments are among a few things that made my learning experience quite enjoyable!

Aayush S Makharia
Chief of Staff, World Resources Institute India

I’ve transformed a strained, inefficient work equation into a trust-rich professional relationship thanks to the course concepts.

Mukund Marodia
Governance Consultant, Samagra

Now I’m able to see problems as a neutral gap that I can overcome by applying the Harappa Problem Definition Framework.

Himanshu Pahwa
Young Professional, Bihar Rural Livelihoods Mission

Harappa Education made my life simpler by helping me solve problems of daily life. I particularly enjoyed the reflection section after every learning module and at the end of the course where you can reflect on the overall experience.

Sonam Chaudhary
Undergraduate Technology Student, Om Dayal Group

Harappa’s Defining Problems course has been very helpful with my undergraduate studies. As a technology student, I often have to define problems before I can come up with a solution.

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