COHORT BEGINS December 9, 2021

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Program date: 9 December


4 Self-Paced
online Courses

5 Master

Faculty Shalini Lal showed a bar graph marking the difference between our potential and performance. I recall this bar graph everyday and I have probably shared it with 10 other people…. I have learnt how to set boundaries with clients and ask for what I deserve.

Nilisha Mohapatra, Lead Global Partnerships, PYE Global Harappa Prime: Women’s Leadership Program Learner



Overcome internal interferences to maximize individual performance

Craft a compelling personal brand to achieve great impact

Channelize empathy and credibility to enrich trust and deepen collaboration

Build a strong professional network of mentors and advisors for opportunities and growth

Decode power imbalances to negotiate complex organizational dynamics

Embrace contentious conversations as a way to build rich alliances

Pledge to support and champion the ambition & success of women colleagues

Studies show that company profits and performance can be almost 50% higher with more women leadership!

*Debra Hamilton, The Top Ten Email Blunders That Cost Companies Money

Framework for success

Our unique program approach combines 10 key learning elements across three critical stages. We Activate, Cultivate and Elevate the cohort to help you drive high-performance behaviors, at scale

Get the perks of cohort-based training for smaller teams. If you are a team leader in a growing organization, or a talent leader looking to explore employee development programs, Harappa Prime offers targeted learning journeys to enroll at the click of a button.

Harappa Prime offers all-inclusive programs delivered fully online. Each program includes self-paced online courses and live masterclasses, flexible for the schedules of busy professionals on-the-go.

Achieve multiple skill development objectives with all-inclusive learning journeys that build must-have Thrive Skills such as communication, leadership, decision making and problem solving.

World Renowed Faculty

Shalini Lal

Organizational Development Consultant & Founder, Infinity OD

Nirupama Subramanian

Business Growth Coach,
Trainer & Founder, The Winning Point

Sudeep Chhabra

Special Projects, Harappa

Organizations that trust us

About Harappa

Harappa is a learner-centred institution of the future. Our programs drive transformative career success using Thrive Skills—an essential set of cognitive, social and behavioral skills to enable individuals to continuously succeed at every stage of their career. Our pedagogical approach is rooted in academic research, expert insights and behavioral science.