Talent experts tell us what it takes to ace the interview. Inside: resume hacks, behavioral and case interviews, and words not to use in an interview.

Meet Eklavya Sinha, a Talent Strategist at Accenture who has custodianship of more than 70,000 professionals, and Mac Prichard, Career Expert and President, Prichard Communications. Mac also hosts a popular podcast, “Find Your Dream Job”.

This is Season 5 of Habits Matter. We’re going behind the scenes of common work problems and asking questions like: how do you present effectively? Get that job? Or decode feedback?

This episode was hosted remotely by Harappa Founder & CEO, Shreyasi Singh.

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Retaining And Motivating Young Talent In A Post Pandemic World
Shreyasi Singh Founder & CEO, Harappa
How To Ace The Interview
Eklavya Sinha Talent Strategist, Accenture, India