Your early work life seems mysterious…but is it? The first episode of our podcast is all about the most important part of your career—you. Inside: a discussion on self-awareness; the sunk-cost phenomenon; and other people’s secrets.


Hosted by Shreyasi Singh, Habits Matter explores the human side of how things really work at work—stories, goof-ups and triumphs. Meet a roster of entertaining guests, people who’ve sifted the good habits from the bad, and are now telling it like it is.

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Retaining And Motivating Young Talent In A Post Pandemic World
Shreyasi Singh Founder & CEO, Harappa
Knock Knock, Who Are You?
Ankur Warikoo Founder, Nearbuy
Knock Knock, Who Are You?
Utkarsh Amitabh Founder, Network Capital
Knock Knock, Who Are You?
Mohit Satyanand Chairman, Teamwork Arts