The ultimate test of any solution is if it can get buy-in from the people. Inside: the importance of effective messaging, the power of our will, and an answer to why people still aren’t wearing masks.

Meet Neela Saldanha, Independent Consultant and Former Senior Director – Insights, PepsiCo; and Samuel Salzer, Behavioral Strategist. This episode was hosted remotely by Harappa Founder & CEO, Shreyasi Singh. 


Hosted by Shreyasi Singh, Habits Matter explores the human side of how things really work at work—stories, goof-ups and triumphs. Meet a roster of entertaining guests, people who’ve sifted the good habits from the bad, and are now telling it like it is.

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Shreyasi Singh Founder & CEO, Harappa
The Secret Behind Solutions That Work
Neela Saldanha Executive Director, Yale Research Initiative on Innovation & Scale
The Secret Behind Solutions That Work
Samuel Salzer Founder, Habit Weekly