Let’s talk about you. Inside, multiple methods of self-reflection, including feedback; if millennials are more prone to the tyranny of the shoulds; and how self-belief impacts our potential. 

Meet Leena Chatterjee, who’s a much-loved professor at IIM Calcutta. She’s taught courses in organizational behavior, human psychology and interpersonal dynamics. 

Through Season 4, meet five trailblazing women thinkers shaping our world of work with path-breaking ideas. In conversation with Harappa Founder & CEO Shreyasi Singh, they talk about everything from the nuances of negotiation to the necessity of creative rebellion.

This episode was hosted remotely by Harappa Founder & CEO, Shreyasi Singh.


Hosted by Shreyasi Singh, Habits Matter explores the human side of how things really work at work—stories, goof-ups and triumphs. Meet a roster of entertaining guests, people who’ve sifted the good habits from the bad, and are now telling it like it is.

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Shreyasi Singh Founder & CEO, Harappa
The Self
Leena Chatterjee Professor, IIM Calcutta