General Refund Policy

Thank you for enrolling in a Harappa course. We strive to meet your expectations. Unfortunately, we understand that this may not always be the case. If you decide to discontinue your enrollment from a Harappa course you purchased, you can request a refund.


Full-Price, Online Courses

You can request a full refund within 7 days of purchase, provided you haven’t completed more than 15% of the course. Any requests made after 15% of the course has been completed, will not be eligible for a refund.

Harappa Learning Private Limited reserves the right to refuse more than 2 refund requests from the same individual within a 12-month period. 


Customized Learning Programs

If you have bought a customized learning program of 3 or 5 courses, please write to us at if you’d like to apply for a refund. We consider refunds for programs in the following cases:

  • You can request a full refund/replacement within 7 days of purchase, provided you haven’t completed more than 15% of the program or individual course.
  • In case you’ve purchased one or two of the courses offered as part of a program, Harappa Education would be happy to replace the course with another course of your choice.


Promotional Periods, Discounts and Other Benefits

We sometimes run limited-period promotions and discount offers so our learners have the opportunity to enroll at a lower rate. The lower price/discount is only accessible if you purchase a course during the period the offer is being run. If you avail a promotional offer or discount through any of our third-party partners or affiliates, you will need to request for a refund as per their refund policies. 

In the event you’ve seen multiple offers with different price points for the same course, you’re eligible to purchase at the lowest available price.

Course(s) bought using a discount code, or at a discount or a promotional price are eligible for a refund with the following conditions:

  1. If you purchase a course at full price while we’re running a discount, promotion or offer, you can request a partial refund—only if you have completed less than 15% of the course—by writing to within 30 days of purchase. Your refund will be limited to the difference in the amount you paid for the course and the actual course value. 
  2. In the event you want to avail a lower rate after a discount, promotion or offer has ended, you will need to wait until the next promotion to purchase your course(s) at a discounted rate. 
  3. The course pricing during a promotional period may vary. You can purchase the course at the price you are being shown at that time. 
  4. Discount codes are used only once per user, unless designed otherwise.
  5. Discount codes cannot be clubbed for a single transaction.
  6. Unless specified, discount codes are applicable on all harappa courses and course packs.


Harappa Learning Private Limited reserves the right to change the price of its offerings at any time. Please always share your invoice number when you write to us. We’ll credit any refunds you’re owed using the same mode of payment you used to purchase the course(s) within 14 working days. 


Messaging Templates

Situation 1: Sees offer, reaches out to know the difference


We’re running a special promotional campaign for our course XX. The campaign is running till Month, Date. Please use this link to get the discounted price: LINK


Situation 2: Sees offer but does not buy, wants discount after the sale is over


The discount you saw was given as part of a limited-period promotional campaign for our course XX. You can purchase the course at full price right now, or wait for the next sale. We can keep you informed of the next promotion, if you like. 


Situation 3: Saw an old offer for lesser amount, wants additional discount on existing sale


We run limited-period promotional campaigns for our courses from time to time. The discount offer you saw is not available anymore. You can access the ongoing discount for ₹XX until Month, Date here: LINK