It’s about halfway into the three-week lockdown and people’s habits have already changed dramatically. As the world fights the coronavirus pandemic, simple things like social distancing and frequent handwashing have become second nature to most of us. 

But this indefinite pause has done much more than that. It has also forced the population at large to reflect—reflect on their personal behavior, professional habits, and societal values and beliefs. 

It is becoming glaringly obvious that there is a need for self-learning at this time. Amidst the chaos, we are being nudged to create a new normal where empathy and continuous learning are the core elements. 

At Harappa, we believe professional growth and success are driven by five foundational habits—Think, Solve, Communicate, Collaborate and Lead. 

However, these habits can very well be extended beyond the workplace.

At times like these, where personal and professional lines are blurring, we need strong foundations, almost like a backbone or pillar of support, that can anchor us while we navigate through this change. 

Here are 5 good habits from Harappa that one must have:


A paradigm shift is of utmost importance in times like these—a paradigm that is rooted in logic, reason and critical thinking. Being able to cut through information complexity and join the dots is imperative, especially now when (mis)information spreads like wildfire. 

Let’s use this time to learn how to reduce the mental chatter so we think creatively and be rid of biases in our judgment about the health crisis. Don’t believe rumors and start panic buying or hoarding, for instance. Think logically instead.


Problem-solving is an innate human skill, which can sometimes get hampered in this information-heavy world. Let’s use this time to nurture it and get in the habit of solving new and complex problems every day. In this fight against the coronavirus pandemic, we all have a role to play. This is a problem that is universal to all. 

Solving problems and arriving at strategic solutions are the need of the hour during these changing times. Figure out creative ways to make essential supplies last or find home exercise alternatives that mimic your gym routine. There’s no problem that cannot be solved. 


We are social animals and thrive because of the social connections we make. Yet certain key aspects of communication are lost, creating room for misunderstanding and judgment. Let’s use this time to strengthen our communication with others so we can build lifelong relationships and inspire a meaningful exchange of ideas. Social distancing doesn’t mean social disconnection. Go beyond just the morning video conference for work. Stay virtually connected with family and friends. Reboot your social media connections. Remember, you’re all in this together.   


The greatest of inventions in history have largely been team efforts; this is because there is power in working together. The sudden and rapid outbreak of the coronavirus has helped us realize that we need to unite our efforts to come out stronger on the other side of things. Let’s use this time to truly reap the benefits that come with expressing vulnerability, establishing trust and expanding our connections.


Change is the only constant that we know. However, something we tend to forget is that being self-aware can really help brave most changes that take place. Let’s use this time to take charge of our own growth and learn to lead by example. This is a great time for self-reflection—both retrospective reflection and in-the-moment self-reflection—to become the best version of yourself. As we get better at leading ourselves, we create room for mutual respect and harmony. And will come out stronger on the other side.

Using the lockdown period to build said habits will not only help us navigate this time but also brave the reality that awaits us once the dust clears and normalcy is established. It will empower us to enter this new reality with a toolkit that helps us stay on a lifelong learning curve.

Stay home, stay safe and build the habit of learning every single day. 

Rachika Komal is an Associate, Behavior Analytics with the Product Team at Harappa Education. Triple majors in Psychology, Sociology & Economics from Christ University, in her downtime you can find her hanging out with dogs, catching up on reading or meditating. 

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