Do you remember the last time your manager didn’t approve your leave or your client did not come on board the project you were presenting? Have you ever thought about why that happened?

One major reason why we may not be able to persuade someone to see our point of view is our lack of proper communication skills. This is where the seven C’s of communication come into play. They will help you persuade and make people see your point or agree with you on a certain subject.

  1. What Are The 7 C’s Of Effective Communication?

  2. The 7 C’s Of Communication With Examples

What Are The 7 C’s Of Effective Communication?

Following the 7 C’s of communication is a way to ensure effective business communication. Harappa Education’s Speaking Effectively course can make your communication effective, clear, and concise so you can succeed at work. You can use the Pyramid Principle to structure your ideas for more effective communication. The Pyramid Principle says that you should state the most important thing first and then back it with supporting arguments.

The 7 C’s Of Communication With Examples

Speech, both in personal and professional life, holds immense power. It can persuade, convert, and compel. Here, we explain the 7 C’s of communication with examples for you.

  1. Completeness

Sometimes we may start talking in English even with a person who may not be well-versed with the language. This scenario is quite common in day-to-day life. Also, as a conversation flows, we tend to jump from one topic to another, leaving each message incomplete.

When you are communicating with someone, your message should be complete and supported with facts and explanations.

  1. Concreteness

Remember the Knock app that came a few years ago? The company said it all with the tagline, ‘Unlock your Mac by knocking your iPhone’.

Precise and concrete messages mean more effective interaction with your audience.  Avoid ambiguity in your messages to help your audience understand your point easily.

  1. Courteous

While you are crafting your message, make sure you consider the feelings and points of view of the receiver. After all, the success of your speech will be judged on how much your listener has understood.

  1. Concise

Do you often get lost in the flow of conversation and stretch it longer than necessary?

Keep the message, impactful, short, and simple for the receiver to understand it clearly. It is important that the message be concise yet complete.

  1. Consideration

Have you ever attended an event or a business meeting where you feel bored or left out? The strength of a powerful speaker or communicator is that she relates to his audience and makes them feel involved.

Professional knowledge, the level of education, and interests play an important role in helping you relate to your audience and convey the proper message.

  1. Correctness

You should always run a fact check on your presentation. If the points you present are game-changing but are based on incorrect facts, they won’t have the required impact.

For instance, fake messages going viral on social media platforms have, at times, led to panic in society.

No matter what subject, language, or medium you choose, it’s essential that the message you convey is correct. Along with the correct facts, you must also ensure correct spelling and grammar.

  1. Clarity

Even if you follow all the C’s of communication mentioned above, your message will not make a strong impact if it’s unclear.

Make sure you keep your message short and clear so that it has a lasting impact on the listeners.

Mark the seven C’s of Communication in your skill-learning to-do list as they will take you a long way. Head straight to Harappa Education’s Speaking Effectively and Writing Proficiently courses to improve your oral and written communication skills.

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