Nearly every graduating student dreads that one question—“So, what next?”

For new graduates, life after college can appear difficult in more ways than one. First, there’s always someone probing into their future. Second, life isn’t about attending (or skipping) lectures anymore. And third, making their dreams come true can seem quite daunting initially.

Campus administrators and college placement cells can be of immense help to recent graduates during this phase, guiding them to pick out an ideal career after graduation. Let’s look at some ways in which a student can prepare to bag the best jobs after graduation:


  1. Preparations For Getting The Right Job

  2. Career Options After Graduation

  3. Road To Success

Preparations For Getting The Right Job

  1. Personal Branding

Developing a personal brand is a lifelong endeavor, and the best time to start is now. Encourage your students to create their own personal brands. These showcase a student’s personality, what they’re good at and what they have to offer. Creating a personal brand helps students identify sectors that appeal to them the most. It also establishes credibility before prospective employers and sets a student apart from the competition.

  1. Customized Resumes

When resumes are tailored to their abilities, students will know their areas of interest and can pursue their preferred career options after graduation. Many organizations now use application tracking systems (ATS) to filter out candidates best suited for a job. Customized resumes with powerful keywords are essential to secure interviews in targeted organizations. Help your students fine-tune their resumes so that these line up with their desired jobs. Impeccable grammar, to-the-point writing and proper formatting are important.

  1. Answers To Interview Questions

Preparing answers to some common interview questions helps students ace the placement process and secure the best jobs after graduation. Making your students interview-ready with well-thought-out answers not only gives them a clear idea of their preferences but also a confidence boost.

  1. Asking Questions

Urge your students to ask probing questions during interviews to help them pursue their chosen career options after graduation. Often, recruiters estimate an applicant’s interest in a position from the kind of questions they ask. Insightful questions about the organization demonstrate the candidate’s knowledge on the organization and bring out their intelligence. Moreover, asking questions also helps students decide whether or not the job is suitable for them.

  1. Constructive Feedback

Constructive feedback can open new doors for your students. Feedback should be personalized to best serve the needs of each student. It helps a student get an idea of their own potential, spot what they’re good at and assess their progress over time. They can also focus on their problem areas and work on their weaknesses.

Career Options After Graduation

Now that we understand the kind of guidance a student needs to negotiate life after college, let’s look at some options that are considered to be among the best jobs after graduation.

  1. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is promotion through online tools and assets. The range of roles within digital marketing makes it one of the best career options after graduation. Students can choose to be a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialist, a social media manager, a content strategist or an email marketing expert.

  1. Civil Services

A job in the Civil Services of India is considered by many to be the best career after graduation. Prestigious and lucrative, the civil services allow one to work on diverse issues facing the nation, take part in decision-making processes of the country, help maintain law and order and represent India internationally. The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) conducts the Civil Services Exam (CSE), which is the gateway to becoming an Indian Administrative Service (IAS), Indian Police Service (IPS), Indian Foreign Service (IFS) and Indian Revenue Service (IRS) officer, among others.

  1. Accounting

From chartered and cost accountancy to company secretaryship and financial analysis—accounting offers some of the best jobs after graduation. Organizations like The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI), The Institute of Cost Accountants of India and The Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) conduct exams for admission into such courses. Resilient and credible students who love numbers can try accounting as a career after graduation.

  1. Teaching

Teaching is considered a secure career option. Educators are often regarded as the most important and responsible members of society. Teachers get to shape the lives of numerous students, train and nurture young minds.

  1. Graphic Design

Students with a creative bent of mind and an eye for detail may consider graphic designing an ideal career after graduation. Graphic designers blend art and technology to create high-quality images, printed pages and website layouts.

  1. App Development

Mobile app downloads reached 218 billion in 2020. Such a tremendous surge in app downloads led to a spike in mobile ad spends. Consequently, app developers saw their earnings rise at a time when many struggled to make ends meet. This resulted in app development surfacing as a significant career option. Aspirants need to have a strong grasp of prevalent programming languages. A degree in software engineering, computer science or related subjects is useful.

Road To Success

Locating the road to success can be challenging, especially in such a transitional period of life. What can we do to help such new graduates?

Harappa’s Placement Success Program is a student’s best bet to chart an ideal career after graduation. It teaches them how to put their best foot forward and ace placement processes. With a learning time of 30 hours, the 15-week program takes students on an enriching journey that encompasses industry exposure and personal development.

The program focuses on seven crucial outcomes to help learners “raise the bar”. These include creating powerful resumes, carving out individual career plans and developing core professional skills. Built on Harappa’s 10-on-10 pedagogy, the program offers a carefully curated selection of academically robust and application-oriented concepts from organizational behavior, personal leadership, cognitive sciences, creative thinking and communication practice.

The time is now! Inspire your students to make the most of Harappa’s Placement Success Program to transform their dreams into reality.

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