Have you ever felt like taking a nap in the middle of a workday? They say a short power nap not only recharges you but also boosts your memory, cognitive skills and creativity. A software company in San Francisco called Asana actually ‘nap rooms’ for its employees. People can rest up, destress and take healthy breaks from work whenever they want to.

Like Asana, many organizations have activities for their employees’ mental wellness. Some organize annual sports events or laughter clubs to help employees take a break from work. Others organize events such as internal quizzes that are both fun and help sharpen your mind.

What Is Brain Exercise?

Just like we do physical exercise to keep our bodies healthy, we need mental exercises to keep our minds active. Over time, our cognitive abilities begin to decline. Many factors are responsible for this decline, age being the primary one. Brain exercise can help you improve your brain’s cognitive reserves and slow down the risks of memory loss and other difficulties.

Your brain is constantly adapting to the stimulation that your environment provides. The ability to change and adapt to these stimuli is referred to as neuroplasticity. Your brain forms new neural pathways, therefore increasing your capacity to learn and remember. By learning how to sharpen your mind, you can ensure that your brain’s neuroplasticity is fully utilized.

Importance Of Brain Exercise

We often make complex decisions that require a lot of mental effort. Our minds get exhausted too. You must shake things up once a while.

Here are some benefits that highlight the importance of mental exercises:

  • It sharpens your memory and concentration levels while performing tasks

  • It makes you feel better about yourself and promotes a positive attitude

  • It makes you resilient in the face of mental or emotional challenges

  • It makes you feel energized, therefore improving your productivity levels

  • It decreases ‘brain fog’ or any and confusion

How To Sharpen Your Mind

We exhaust our mental energy the most when we work. It can be difficult to stay creative and productive at all times. Here are some healthy ways to sharpen your mind and stay motivated.

1. Solve Brain Teasers

You should do brain exercises to improve memory power. Games and puzzles are a good way to sharpen your mind. You can always organize workplace quizzes or team bingo to boost people’s productivity. Other brain exercises like Sudoku or puzzles keep the mind active and sharp.

2. Do Physical Exercise

If you want to take care of your mind, take of your body first. Studies show that people who work out or engage in light exercises are less likely to lose their cognitive abilities. It’s a good idea to do some light exercise before you start your day. You could even take a break from work and go for a brisk walk.

3. Learn Something New

Brain exercise needs commitment. Learning something new is a great way to challenge your comfort zone. Additionally, it helps to develop knowledge about a completely different topic. For example, you can pick up a new musical instrument as a hobby.

4. Read Something Different

Reading is an excellent exercise for the mind. It can improve your memory and concentration. However, it’s important to choose topics that are out of your comfort zone because it challenges your brain. For example, read a book on your way to work if it takes a long time on your commute.

5. Socialize

Socializing is a good way to engage in multiple areas of the brain. It improves your mental as well as emotional health. Our digital world may make it difficult to stay socially engaged but you should find ways to stay in touch with your friends, family and peers.

6. Eat Healthily

There are emotional and mental benefits of eating healthy. A nutritious and well-balanced diet can improve your mood and productivity. Moreover, it improves overall energy levels, pushing you to be productive. You could keep some nutritious snacks at your workstation.

7. Sleep Well

Sleep and mental well-being are closely connected. Adequate sleep helps your brain function better. It’s difficult to maintain a healthy sleep schedule in addition to meeting the demands of a busy schedule. A 15-20 minute power nap can do wonders and re-energize you.

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