Have you ever wondered why some people are able to attract attention instantly and become popular among colleagues while other more talented people get ignored?

The answer to this question is charisma. Charismatic people don’t have any magic spells to draw people towards them, but they still become people-magnets because of their charisma.

Charisma enables you to attract, win over, and influence people around you. It is an ability that helps a film star turn heads in a crowd and gives a leader the ability to shape public opinion.

You can quickly identify such people, but, if someone asks you to define charismatic, it is not an easy task to do. You might wonder how to be charismatic or what skills a charismatic person possesses compared to ordinary people.

There are several factors that you need to develop your personal charisma. These include traits such as confidence, enthusiasm, optimistic nature, great communication skills, positive body language, and a passionate tone.

Using charisma in life

It is easy to recall charismatic people from various walks of life. Just think about the film star you adore, the business leader you idolize or the rock star whose stage performance leaves you gushing. The biggest ability of charismatic people is to have an impact on everyone else.

Positive charisma has the power of getting the employees of an organization to come together and help in pursuing an organization’s goals. Political and social leaders can use charisma to give a purpose or a cause to their followers and make them see the purpose of the values shared by them.

How to become charismatic

Sometimes people wrongly assume that perfection is key to being charismatic.  Charisma includes a person’s abilities to be an excellent communicator, passionate, and eager alongside displaying compassion and having a positive body language. Charismatic people think positively and are always optimistic. They have self-belief and are good at the art of negotiation and gaining the respect and trust of people.

Apart from the various personality attributes that enable a person to become charismatic, the humane angle also plays a significant role in his/her success.

This trait is known as the vulnerability effect and it makes the person more likable. Instead of perfection or superior skills charisma is determined by genuineness, humane nature, honesty, and compassion.

How to develop charisma with communication skills

This is no secret. You can’t endear yourself to people if you are not a good communicator. When we say good communicator, it doesn’t necessarily hint towards mastery over language, but the art of communicating the right words in a compassionate and relatable way. Charismatic people have the ability to hear and understand others and also to make themselves heard and understood.

Positivity and Charisma

Positivity is a key ingredient of charisma. If you want to know how to be more charismatic then you should always exude positivity. A charismatic person doesn’t spend time on bad-mouthing others or gossiping. They focus on sharing sincere thoughts about people they respect or idolize.


By now you must have understood the meaning of charisma well, and the best part is that you can develop charisma.

The mastery of communication, passion, and enthusiasm that are hallmarks of charisma are behavioral traits that can be acquired alongside one’s personal growth. All you need to have is have a desire to learn.

The optimistic nature of a charismatic person quickly captivates the people around and it becomes easier for him to earn the respect and trust of his audience, colleagues, or classmates.

Anyone can become charismatic by mastering interpersonal skills through focus and practice. However, we must never lose sight of the fact that no matter how charismatic and lovable you are, you cannot make everyone happy at all times. For your well-being, you should not even attempt such a thing.

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