You open your inbox first thing in the morning and see a notification: there’s an opening for the job you’ve wanted for a long time, and in the organization you wanted to work for. You’ve been preparing for this for a while, from what you’ll say in the interview and how you’ll write a job application letter to what you’ll wear on the first day of office. However, to make that dream of the first day in office a reality, you’ll have to clear all the stages of selection first. So you check all the stages and their requirements.

You see that in the very first stage they’re asking for a covering letter for job along with your resume. A resume is something all of us have been trained to write in college; thus we have a fair idea about its requirements and how to go about it. A resume covering letter, however, isn’t something we’re asked for as frequently as a resume. Many of us don’t know how to write a cover letter. As a result, it can make us feel puzzled. How do we go about it?

Seeing the requirement of a covering letter for job made you panic as you’ve never written one before, and there isn’t enough time to prepare or train. But there’s no need to worry; we’ve brought you a one-stop detailed guide for all your queries about covering letter for job application, which will make writing a covering letter for a job a breeze.

We’ll give you a step-by-step explanation of how to write a cover letter for a resume. This can help you understand the process better than you’d be able to by looking at any cover letter examples for resume available on the internet.


  1. What Is A Covering Letter For A Job?

  2. How To Write A Cover Letter For A Job Application?

  3. How To Write A Cover Letter For A Resume?


What Is A Covering Letter For A Job?

If you search for ‘covering letter example’ or ‘example of a covering letter for a job’ on Google, you’ll see a cover letter is nothing but a one-page document that you submit along with your resume. It’s a basic summary of your professional background and interests. It also tells the recruiter why you applied for that particular position in that particular organization. 

People often wonder why they need to write a cover letter if they’ve already provided a detailed background of what they’ve done in their resume.

A covering letter for job isn’t a repetition of your resume; it’s a detailed extension of it. It gives you the chance to communicate and further highlight why you’re the best candidate for the job. A resume has certain limitations because it’s bound by a format and thus can’t convey your story in detail. A covering letter for job, on the other hand, can do exactly that.

Your resume contains bullet points of your accomplishments and lists tasks you’ve successfully executed. In a covering letter for job, you explain what you’ve learned from those roles and tasks and how they led to your overall development, thereby making you a perfect candidate for the job. A resume covering letter, therefore, gives you a chance to communicate and present your candidature better. Take a look at a covering letter example, easily available on the internet, to gain a better understanding of how you can make a cover letter and what it entails.

How To Write A Cover Letter For A Job Application?

On average, a resume cover letter should be between 300 to 500 words at most. While you’re sharing why you deserve the role, it’s not a court case where you need to present a booklet explaining yourself. As evident from any covering letter example, a cover letter acts as a bridge between your resume and interview. There are several ways to ace an interview, but it’s your covering letter for job application that can get you that interview call. The letter should be detailed enough to contextualize your points in the resume; but also concise enough to not bore the recruiter even before you get to the interview phase. 

An interview is where you present your candidature in greater detail. Resumes and cover letters are just starting points that help you snag that much-coveted interview. It’s important to keep this in mind while you write a cover letter. Your covering letter for job, combined with your resume, should give the interviewer enough points of interest to ask you questions that will allow you to share your educational and professional background in greater detail. 

Thus, the word limit mentioned above should be strictly adhered to while you write a cover letter. A precise and to-the-point letter goes a long way in drawing the attention of the recruiter, prompting them to shortlist you for the next stages.

However, you shouldn’t just repeat whatever is mentioned on your resume. While you make a cover letter, it’s important to keep in mind that it’s a supplement to your resume and not a copy of it. When in doubt, refer to any covering letter example available online. 

How To Write A Cover Letter For A Resume?

As you’ll see in any covering letter example on the internet, you need to start with your contact information. As a resume cover letter is essentially a letter, you need to greet the person or the group of individuals who will be reviewing your application: for instance, a hiring manager.

Next comes the introduction, which can make or break your candidature. Your opening paragraph should be able to spark the reader’s interest.

This is followed by the body of the cover letter. This section can be more explanatory and should act as a bridge between the introduction and the conclusion. Here, you can explain in more detail what you’ve mentioned in the introduction.

The closing paragraph should be a brief summary and also reiterate, one last time, why you’re a perfect fit for the job and the organization. You should then end the covering letter for job application with a formal greeting.

By now you must’ve looked at some cover letter examples for resume on the internet. We’ve also answered some fundamental questions about cover letters, such as ‘how to write a cover letter for job?’ Now it’s important to understand the secondary requirements of writing a perfect cover letter. Let’s take a look.

  1. Picking The Perfect Template

    Choosing the right template is the next step to attaining perfection while you write a cover letter. There are various tools online that allow you to create your own unique template. You can also select a pre-designed template from the internet, similar to the ones you may have seen in the cover letter examples for resume.

  2. Doing Research About The Job

    While the basics of a covering letter for job are clear, you now have to do thorough research into what needs to go into your cover letter. For this, you need to study the job and the role. This will give you enough information for a perfect resume covering letter. It’ll also show the hiring manager that you’re serious about the job and help you hone your skills on how to make a cover letter. You can also refer to an example of a covering letter for a job on Google to gain clarity.

  3. Researching The Organization 

    Many organizations roll out similar kinds of job roles. Therefore, it’s equally important to thoroughly research an organization as well as the position you’re applying for. This helps you tailor your resume covering letter to the requirements of the organization and makes your covering letter for job application stand out. You come across as a candidate who intends to contribute to the organization’s growth while also growing as a professional yourself. This will boost your chances at getting hired. 

  4. Talking To People

    To make your research about an organization more holistic, talk to people who are already working there. This will give you a comprehensive understanding of the position you’re applying for as well as the organization. You’ll be able to craft a precise and compelling resume covering letter that will convey your effort and interest to the hiring manager and increase your chances of getting shortlisted for the next stage in the hiring process.

All this primary and secondary knowledge will help you create your own unique resume covering letter, catering to the unique needs of the job role and the organization. Keep a covering letter example before you sail through the nitty-gritty of the process. Rest assured, if you adhere to the above-mentioned formats and norms, you’ll be able to create a perfect covering letter for job application. This will help you build a strong foundation for your candidature for the later stages and give the interviewer cause to be interested in you and conduct a structured interview. All of this will be key in improving your interpersonal skills for the job interview.

The objective of a well-articulated cover letter is to grab the attention of the hiring manager and create a good first impression, which can make your candidature stand out from the rest. Harappa’s Write To Get Hired pathway brings you easy-to-understand learning opportunities and increases your chances of selection. Sign up for the Write To Get Hired pathway and perfect your cover letter writing skills to stand out from the crowd.