Did you know that a majority of organizations across the globe have a mandatory personality assessment as part of their hiring process? Personality tests are used by corporations to determine whether potential employees are a good fit for the organization. In other words, gauging someone’s personality or character traits helps maintain the standards of workplace culture.

There are 16 different personality types that influence human actions, reactions, behaviors and attitudes. The ESTP personality type is one among them, who’re known to be energetic problem-solvers. Want to find out more about this personality type? Read on!


  1. The Basics Of ESTP Personality Type

  2. The Two Sides Of Entrepreneur Personality Type

  3. Determining Career Options For ESTPs


The Basics Of ESTP Personality Type


ESTP stands for Extraverted, Sensing, Thinking and Perceiving. Also known for their entrepreneur traits, ESTPs are often called entrepreneur personalities. They’re frequently defined as the life of a party because of their energetic and action-oriented nature. They love to uncover opportunities in life and don’t shy away from personal pursuits. They have a wide circle of friends as they thrive in social situations and enjoy being in the here and now. About 6.1% of the total population in the world are entrepreneur characters.

Let’s dig deeper with this list of ESTP personality traits to understand such individuals better:


  1. One of the most obvious entrepreneur traits is that they’re quick decision-makers. They can look at facts and arrive at a solution in a time-efficient manner. Instead of spending a lot of time planning, they improvise and keep moving.
  2. ESTPs are practical and straightforward. Their strengths don’t lie in concepts and theories but in real-life situations or action-oriented instances. They’re logical and often use their time in getting things done instead of thinking over them.
  3. One of the most important ESTP personality traits is that they pay attention to details. This, combined with their social skills, makes them excellent people persons. Sometimes, they’re called fast-talkers because they’re always ahead in a conversation.
  4. They tend to react in the moment and can act impulsively. One of the dominating entrepreneur traits is that they believe in the here and now, which means they don’t look before they leap. This is what makes them natural risk-takers.


The Two Sides Of Entrepreneur Personality Type


Just like any other personality, the entrepreneur characters have their good side and bad side. If you’re an ESTP or interacting with another entrepreneur personality type, consider the following strengths and weaknesses:


1. Strengths Of ESTP Characters


  • People with entrepreneur traits are energetic and full of life. They’re bold, love to push boundaries and take risks in life. They enjoy discovering new things and opportunities on the go.
  • Although they don’t fixate on theories, they enjoy pursuing action-oriented ideas. In other words, they love ideas that can be put to use. They like it better when there’s some flow or direction in discussions and they aren’t arbitrary.
  • They don’t like beating about the bush and go for a direct approach in life. Whether it’s pursuing a goal or conversing with someone, they prefer straightforwardness. They enjoy things for what they are.


 2. Weaknesses Of ESTP Characters


  • While they’re excellent at socializing, they prioritize facts and reality over emotions and feelings. Their blunt honesty isn’t helpful in emotionally charged situations as it can be awkward and uncomfortable. They find it difficult to express their honest feelings as well.
  • They often don’t consider things in the long run, which makes them impulsive and risk-prone. Some even go to the extent of battling boredom with risky situations or challenges.
  • They don’t like to be pigeon-holed, which is why they can grow impatient. They struggle with hardline rules, repetitive schedules and being lectured. They find it challenging to focus on a single detail for too long.


Determining Career Options For ESTPs


Every personality type is a unique blend of traits, some of which tend to dominate over others. This is helpful in gauging what career choice is ideal for a typical personality type. As ESTPs thrive in thrilling situations, are highly energetic and have keen powers of observation, careers that help them leverage their skills in physical surroundings are ideal. Although they can be unpredictable, they’re likely to do well in risky, logical problem-solving and hands-on environments. Examples of careers that suit entrepreneur characters perfectly include television journalists, stockbrokers, mechanics and chefs, among others.

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