Do you remember the time when you could find information from across the world between the two covers of a book?

It was the age of printed encyclopedias that contained volumes of information about everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask.

But the entire game changed towards the end of the 20th century after the Internet was born.

The rows of printed encyclopedias that lined people’s bookshelves were suddenly history. You could just look online.

Let’s look at one of the go-to sources of online information today: Wikipedia. The process of collecting and publishing changed altogether as a battalion of volunteer writers and editors chipped in to make Wikipedia an alternative online encyclopedia.

In a way, everybody who landed on the site became a part of the larger team. This is a simple yet excellent example of collaboration and teamwork.

Importance Of Teamwork Examples

Working in teams allows team members to draw on the strengths of one another. Examples of good teamwork help you see the benefits of working collaboratively.

The lessons you learn from good teamwork examples apply to everyday situations. The willingness to share ideas, collectively approach objectives and make the best possible use of available resources are examples of good teamwork.

Effective teamwork comes in all shapes and sizes and it significantly impacts the success of the organization.

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Examples of Collaboration and Teamwork

Workplaces rely on teams to improve the overall performance of the organization. Teamwork helps with decision-making and problem-solving at the workplace by enabling people to work together faster.

Here are some good  teamwork examples for the workplace:

1. Examples of Teamwork: Collaborate with Teammates

Collaboration in the workplace depends on communication. Teams are most effective when there are open dialogue and discussion. Coming from different walks of life, every team member plays to their strengths. The emotional intelligence of every contributor will differ.

This is extremely helpful so that echo chambers can be avoided and brainstorming takes place without any filters. Use each other as a sounding board and never ignore or criticize any idea. Be open and vulnerable because that’s what authentic communication looks like. Being tolerant, supportive, and exploring every possibility are valuable teamwork examples.

2. Examples of Teamwork: Embrace Variety, Not Monotony

Although communication is an important aspect of boosting teamwork, you won’t always find conversationalists. Just like ideas, every team member’s personality will be unique. You may find some people who’re excessively talkative and some people who seldom say anything. This doesn’t mean that the less talkative ones are the weak links. Having a strong balance of different personalities stops morale from falling. Develop a habit of listening actively and encourage others to speak. If they hesitate, be patient, and let them have their turns at speaking.

3. Examples of Teamwork: Tickle Someone’s Fancy

Laughter connects you with people immediately. It’s contagious and an effective ice-breaker. When you laugh together, you communicate better. Laughter helps break the tension. Building rapport is easier with appropriate humor. Even conflicts can be mediated better when there is room for laughter and flexibility. As a teammate, learn to laugh at your mistakes instead of being harsh on yourself. It’ll allow you to navigate internal and external conflicts better in the long run.

4. Examples of Teamwork: Good, Bad And Ugly Days

It’s natural to have our ups and downs or good days and bad days. Not all teams and team members are perfect. There may be days when you need to have uncomfortable discussions. Everyone can’t be on the same page every time. Conflict will be a part and parcel of any team effort. However, it’s crucial to remind yourselves that the best team players are also great mediators. Be a reliable and respectable teammate and inspire others through your attitude. Most of all, be eager and open-minded.

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