In the world of marketing, changing trends, customer preferences and evolving demand affect brands regularly. But what remains constant is the way we feel about a particular brand’s offerings.

We trust brands like Apple, Microsoft or Google. We use them every day—whether for personal or professional use. This is because these brands have created an effective value proposition for their customers.

Similarly, organizations have an employee value proposition to attract top talent, retain employees and improve employee well-being. Components of a value proposition comprise salaries, benefits and work environment.

A value proposition is an essential statement that clarifies what an organization or individual can do for you. It’s what gives them an edge over their competition.

So, writing a compelling value proposition is critical to business and professional success. Let’s discover examples of a value proposition and how to write a unique value proposition.


  1. Examples Of Unique Value Propositions

  2. How To Write A Value Proposition

  3. Write Your Way To Success

Examples Of Unique Value Propositions

Value propositions define how you solve a problem better than others. If you’re an entrepreneur looking to hire new employees, you have to offer them something no one else can. This is where you use a value proposition. Written effectively, the value proposition will help you answer the question ‘why us?’ for your brand.

Here are some examples of unique value propositions:

  1. Asana

Asana’s value proposition is to “power businesses by organizing work in one connected space”. They clearly state how many businesses they’ve helped—a million teams have benefited from Asana’s seamless workflow dashboards. Another impactful statement in their value proposition is, “our story is your story”. Connecting with their users at the most basic level helps customers identify with the brand. What you want is what Asana wants: for you to have space where you can co-create and thrive with your teams. Asana’s is one of the most impressive examples of a value proposition.

  1. Bumble

Bumble is a dating app where “women make the first move”. Whitney Wolfe, founder and CEO, wrote that she started Bumble because she “saw a problem she wanted to help solve”. Today, Bumble is about making empowered connections in a safe environment. Their values are kindness, respect and intersectionality. It has quickly become a trusted platform among its customers. Bumble aims to help you build healthy relationships to live a positive and productive life. It’s not just dating, but finding friends and building a professional network. Bumble’s philosophy resonates with its customers. They are effectively battling social convention one relationship at a time, which comes through with their value proposition.

  1. YouTube

YouTube’s value proposition is built on four essential ‘freedoms’—freedom of expression, freedom of information, freedom of opportunity and freedom to belong. YouTube has successfully built a community of creators, independent thinkers and educators. They’ve given people a platform to have a voice and share their stories. With open access to information, they have transformed video into a “powerful force”. From 10-second shorts to hour-long walking city tours, YouTube is the largest repository of video content available to everyone, everywhere. It’s one of the most effective examples of a value proposition.

  1. Nykaa

India’s only “omnichannel beauty destination”, Nykaa has a strong and dedicated customer base. Their name derives from the Sanskrit word “nayaka”, meaning the one in the spotlight. Their motto, “Your Beauty is Our Passion” defines their value proposition. They offer quality and authentic products sourced directly from the original brands. Nykaa has emerged as a powerhouse marketplace for all things beauty-related. Nykaa customers believe in their values and trust them to deliver on their word.

  1. Zomato

‘Assortment’, ‘Affordability’, ‘Accessibility’ and ‘Quality’ define Zomato’s values. Offering unique and new tastes across towns, cities and countries, Zomato has transformed how we perceive food. With a loyal customer base, they’ve been able to serve the needs of all stakeholders—restaurants partners, delivery partners and customers. Their in-depth research into each establishment on the website impacts their customers’ choices. Zomato’s value proposition helps their customers trust not just them but also the listings on their website.

These are only a few of the many examples of a value proposition from successful businesses. Writing an impactful value proposition takes more than just knowing what you want to write. You need the right skills, technique and tools to craft something that conveys your intention in a few words.

How To Write A Value Proposition

The first thing is to identify whether you’re writing a value proposition for customers or employees. Examples of a value proposition may be for employees or customers. An employee value proposition will include what your organization can offer employees—compensation, benefits, work environment and growth opportunities. Meanwhile, a customer value proposition conveys what your business can offer to customers, how you can solve a problem they have and why they should choose you. Keeping these aspects in mind will help you write an impressive value proposition.

Here’s how to write a value proposition:

  1. Identify Your Audience’s Needs

The first thing is to identify what it is your customers need. Is it a high-quality, authentic product that solves their problems or a service that makes life easier? If you’re writing an employee value proposition, you should take time to think about what you’re offering them. A competitive salary and a healthy work environment go a long way. Decoding how you can meet these needs gives you a starting point.

  1. Write Down Your Values

Make a list of attributes that are important to you. Being honest, building a supportive community and showing compassion and kindness are some elements organizations are built on. Writing down your values will help you decide what’s important to you when you’re offering a product or service to customers. For employees, it helps them see the kind of organization they’ll be working with. For instance, organizations might highlight interpersonal relationships, employee development and community initiatives.

  1. Distinguish Yourself From Your Competition

Another important aspect of your value proposition is to frame how you’re different from others. Why should they choose you over someone who’s offering a similar product or service? Your value proposition should clearly state what you can do for them. For instance, Apple’s new iPhone is the “world’s smallest, thinnest, lightest 5G phone”. They’re confident about how their products are the standard and this is why Apple has a loyal customer base. Differentiating yourself from others will help you build a unique customer experience.

  1. Stick To Simple And Clear Sentences

When it comes to writing your value proposition, make sure you’re not coming up with complex and complicated sentences. It should be easy for everyone to understand. Stick to short sentences that are clear and convey your intention and meaning. Simplicity doesn’t make it any less impactful. Instead, you can pack a punch in a few words. What you need to do is convey as much as you can in your statement. Start with an overarching statement with a few bullet points to add more impact. Address your customers or your employees directly to appeal to them.

  1. Make The Heading Impactful

Your heading is the first thing people will read, so make it worthwhile. It should instantly say what you’re all about and what you can do for people. An impactful headline will set the tone for the rest of your value proposition. The key message should always be easily available at the beginning of a text. This way, people already know the gist before they read the details.

Writing a creative, interesting and impressive value proposition will help you stand out. In a competitive world, it’s important to come up with fresh and new ways to make life easier. If you’re trying to make a difference in the world, you should include that in your value proposition. People want honesty and authenticity above all else. Nothing sells like a genuinely high-quality and useful product or service.

Write Your Way To Success

Writing well is important both in your personal and professional life. You don’t necessarily have to become a novelist. But to communicate with others, craft a compelling value proposition and convey your ideas, you need effective writing skills. Harappa’s Writing Proficiently course will teach you everything you need to know about business communication. By the end of the course, you’d have mastered skills like summarizing key points, addressing the right audience and crafting a meaningful message.

Techniques like the Pyramid Principle and the GRT (Goal-Recipient-Tone) framework will teach you to write with brevity. Learn from our expert faculty as they share helpful tips on how to write to inspire and motivate. You’ll be able to convey your ideas as clearly as possible and become a star in your workplace. If you’re thinking of starting your own business, you can use these writing skills for email marketing, reaching out to potential clients and communicating with your customers. Start today and build your skills to become a well-rounded professional.

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