Let’s face it: Over the past few decades, our lives have become much too complex. And cluttered. We were constantly acquiring way more than we needed: More houses, more cars, more books, more clothes, more shoes, more of everything. 

There seemed to be no end to it. Until the coronavirus pandemic. Almost overnight, we were forced to hit the reset button on our lives. And change habits formed over a lifetime.

One of the biggest changes is that our lives have become much simpler. Are you noticing it? With people across the world staying at home to stem the spread of the virus, your habits are shifting from extravagant to functional, and your choices are turning to simple from complicated. Staying at home because of the lockdown has offered most of us the time to stop the wheels—and think. 

The pandemic has pushed us to re-prioritize our lives. Suddenly, it isn’t material acquisitions and success that matter anymore, it’s our inner selves that count instead.  We’re all doing a Marie Kondo on our lives—and cutting the clutter. Remember the Japanese decluttering guru who’s helped change people’s lives with her advice on tidying up?

Despite the uncertainty staring us in the face, people are adopting a glass-half-full perspective. Taking a leaf out of Harappa’s Leading Self course, a chance to reflect and re-evaluate the direction of our efforts and choices is the beginning of a personal and professional transformation. 

When the excesses melt away and we are finally able to focus on what we really need, we feel a sense of connection to our purpose.

I have discovered a sense of purpose through the days that have passed. Despite the hectic balancing game of work and life, coupled with the stress of uncertainty and distance from family, I found a space of my own. A mental space that will keep me going through today’s challenges. With direction and tools from Harappa’s Discovering Purpose and Leading Self courses, exploring my core self has left me with an inner foundation upon which I can build absolutely anything in the months to come. 

If you are also walking down the path of self-discovery, here’s how you can deepen that journey to lead you closer to yourself in the coming days.

1. Understand your reason for being; it’s a deeply satisfying experience. Getting to know the reason why you do what you do will only take you closer to where you see yourself in time.

2. Realize that not every day has to be a new one; some days can be a continuation of the last. Whether it’s a positive or negative emotion you’re carrying into a new day, remember it can’t alter your foundation or purpose. In fact, knowing your purpose on days like these can really help you remove the emotion filter and put on the productivity one. 

3. As worldly interferences slow down, we have the time to listen to our bodies. This is a great time to make healthy choices, whether it’s through exercise or a detox.

4. This is a chance to let the inner halo shine. You have something that makes you special, we all do. What is it that adds the flame to your fire? Like dancing for me, there must be something that you haven’t been able to stop doing, something that drives you. Grab this chance to unleash your creativity, and spend some time on it every day. If you make it a Habit, then you have the power to switch on the sunshine whenever you want. 

5. Unite the tribe. Social distancing is fine, but don’t be a lone wolf. This is a time to be there for each other, a time to show faith and just let go. So let go any grudge you’re holding, express gratitude to people, and bring your tribe together. 

Your inner self deserves just as much curiosity as staying updated on global news or that bestselling book or TV series. Give it enough time and watch your true self lead you beyond this pandemic with clarity and certainty. 

Veda is a Senior Associate in the Brand Communications team at Harappa Education. She has a keen interest in the human pattern of thought and behavior, yet prefers to study and lose herself in birds and insects. 

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