Pradeep is a recent graduate participating in his first, official job interview process. He has to conquer three rounds of interviews before he can reach the finish line.

The three rounds include a group interview, an HR interview and a technical interview. As someone who’s quiet and reserved, Pradeep is most worried about the group interview—where he’ll have to talk in front of a crowd.

If you’re in the same boat as Pradeep, read on to find out how to prepare for a group interview to ace the interview process.

  1. What Is A Group Interview?

  2. How To Prepare For A Group Interview

  3. Group Interview Questions

What Is A Group Interview?

A group interview is a type of interview where one interviewer assesses multiple candidates at the same time. The purpose of a group interview is to see how candidates distinguish themselves from their competitors.

The interviewer expects you to stand out by presenting a strong case for yourself—from the moment you introduce yourself to the time you explain why you’re suitable for the role.

Here are some characteristics of a group interview:

  • It helps organizations save time and effort by interviewing multiple candidates at once

  • It’s an efficient way to identify candidates with excellent communication skills

  • It lets the interviewer see whether you’ll be a good fit for their organizational culture—values, expectations and beliefs

  • It’s a chance to ask questions and get multiple perspectives from the room

  • It’s like a group discussion where you can build on others’ ideas, showing collaborative and interpersonal skills

If you want to succeed in your group interview, you must learn how to engage with others. Not only do you have to answer the interview questions but also understand other candidates’ responses.

How To Prepare For A Group Interview

Key skills that interviewers look for during a group interview are how proactive you are, how you interact with your peers and whether you’re asking the right questions.

Here’s a list of group interview tips to help you prepare for the next step:

  1. Do Your Research

The interviewer can ask you questions like “why us?”. If you want to give the best answer to this question, you should do your research. Find out more about the organization from their corporate website or social media channels. You should know about their line of business, important people and their goals. At the same time, learn about who’ll be interviewing you to go in prepared.

  1. Start With A Strong Self-Introduction

A 30-second introduction is all that the interviewer needs to figure out whether you’re a good fit for the role. Make sure you prepare your introduction in advance, including things like your experience, skills and knowledge. This is your chance to set yourself apart from the crowd.

  1. Learn To Listen

Before you jump at the chance of answering a question, wait for the interviewer to finish what they’re saying. A group interview can be competitive, making you anxious about getting a word in. But the ‘listen first, talk later’ strategy will come in handy when you’re in a high-pressure environment.

  1. Take Initiative

The candidate who starts a conversation leaves a lasting impression on the interviewer. This shows that you’re proactive and ready for a challenge. Be the first to answer a question and make your mark in a sea of people.

  1. Ask Relevant Questions

Asking the right questions will show the interviewer that you’re prepared for the interview. You can ask about the organizational culture, expectations from the role and next steps in the interview process.

These group interview tips will help you ace your interview. Once you’re in the interview room, you may be under too much pressure to think straight. But with preparation, you can easily tackle easy to the most difficult questions.

Some group interview examples are:

  • Group discussions, where you may be given a question like “should public transport be free?”, followed by a debate

  • Role-playing activities with practical tasks like dealing with a difficult customer

  • Preparing group presentations with other candidates

Group Interview Questions

The biggest challenge in group interviews is to give unique answers to common questions. You have to prepare answers that are specific to your skills, experiences and abilities. Rather than relying on generic responses, tailor your answers to your purpose.

Some of the most commonly-asked group interview questions are:

  1. What do you bring to the table?

  2. What motivated you to apply to our organization?

  3. Tell us about yourself.

  4. Where do you see yourself in five years?

  5. If you were in our position, who would you hire from this group?

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