People around the world make New Year’s resolutions. They could be big or small.

If you’ve ever made a New Year’s resolution, then you’ve essentially set a goal for yourself!

Take a minute to reflect on your past resolutions. Were you able to fulfill them? It’s no secret that most people aren’t able to keep their resolutions. They often fail to achieve their goals because there is no accountability or plan of action.

If you want to achieve your goals you first need to know how to set goals properly.  What you wish to achieve isn’t impossible. Many others have done it. You just have to learn how to set goals in life.

How To Set Goals In Life?

One can go about setting goals and achieving them with confidence if they know how to set goals correctly. Before you make a plan, be sure you understand the ‘what’, ‘why’ and ‘how’ of goal setting. To do this, you must recognize your inner potential. Harappa Education’s Leading Self course is designed to help you identify your true potential. The Finding Your Forte section will help you self-reflect and identify your strengths.

You will also learn how your internal interferences, or self-doubt and fears, prevent you from setting goals and achieving them. Once you’ve embraced your potential, make goal setting easier by:

  1. Understanding what you want:

Most people have a vague idea of what they want. That isn’t enough. Your first step should be asking yourself what you really want. Listen to your inner voice and think of a goal you are truly willing to commit to.  Write it down if it helps. If you want to achieve your goals. You should start by setting goals that you truly dream of reaching.

  1. Writing about yourself:

To get more clarity about setting goals and achieving them, you must first understand yourself. Making note of your interests and skills will help you identify your strengths. Many people keep a journal to note their thoughts and ideas. Others make lists after brainstorming various ideas. Writing down your options will help you get clarity.

  1. Picturing your future:

Visualize the future you want. Ask yourself questions that will help you get a clearer picture. Where do you see yourself living? What is your dream role? What kind of lifestyle seems ideal to you? Positive visualization is a tool used by many people to refocus on their goals and motivate themselves. If you see yourself achieving your goal, it will give you the confidence to attain it.

  1. Specifying your goal:

Now that you know what your goals are,  make them as specific as possible. This is a crucial step in setting goals and achieving them. Vague goals aren’t goals at all. You must have a specific agenda and a timeline for it. The more specific your goal, the easier it will be for you to plan a path to it. Remember, those who climb Mount Everest successfully don’t start with the goal of climbing any mountain. They choose the mountain and the timeframe and then work towards it. You must do the same.

  1. Understanding the ‘why’:

How often do you set goals, only to ask yourself why you’ve set them? Setting goals and achieving them is meaningful because you attach personal value to your goals. Unless you understand why you’re doing the things you’re required to do, you may achieve your goals without satisfaction. It’s also possible that you will hit roadblocks and face setbacks when you try to achieve your goals. Knowing exactly why you set that goal in the first place will motivate you in times of stress. If you don’t have a strong enough reason for your goal you are more likely to give up at the first hint of trouble.

How To Achieve Goals In Life?

Now that you’ve understood how to set goals, it’s time to learn how to achieve goals in life. Here are a few steps to achieve goals:

  1. Prepare a schedule or set timelines to achieve your goals.
  1. Define your fears and identify your inner barriers.
  1. Acknowledge your feelings to understand why you’re struggling to achieve your goals.
  1. Focus on the practice and not the performance.
  1. Celebrate even the smallest wins and embrace near wins.


When you are setting goals, remember to stay committed to your decisions. At the same time, be flexible in your approach and keep adapting to new circumstances and challenges. Don’t shy away from setting goals and achieving them, no matter how big or small they are. Commit to them, revisit them and make it a habit to keep chasing them. After all, dreams come true for those who work towards them.

Explore topics such as Goal SettingTypes of GoalsSMART GoalsGoal Setting Process & Personal Goals from our Harappa Diaries section and lead on a path of self-development.

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