Imagine interviewing for your dream job and the interviewer asks you ‘what is your dream job and why?’ Seems easy to answer, doesn’t it? Now imagine facing this question when the job you’re interviewing for isn’t related to your dream job!

The ‘what is your dream job’ interview question seems tricky to navigate, especially when it has nothing to do with the actual position. However, it’s a popular question and you need to come up with a smart answer if you want to stand out from the crowd. Read on to see how you can whip up the most fitting answer.


  1. Why Are They Asking About Your Dream Job?

  2. How To Answer: What Is Your Dream Job?

  3. ‘What Is Your Dream Job’ Sample Answer

  4. Prepare For The Job Of Your Dreams!

Why Are They Asking About Your Dream Job?

Interviews help potential employers gauge whether you have the right mindset and competencies needed to be successful at your job. They do so by asking questions that help them secure the maximum amount of information concerning your background and experience. But how can you even begin to discuss your dream job, especially when you’ll be judged on the basis of your answer?

One of the common misconceptions among candidates is that potential employers want to hear that their job is your ideal job. It’s time to bust this myth! The purpose behind asking the interview question ‘what is your dream job’ is to get an idea of what you’re passionate about, where your interests lie, what are your life goals and what makes you feel motivated.

How To Answer: What Is Your Dream Job?

There isn’t any textbook response that’ll help you answer dream job interview questions. However, here are several strategies to help you navigate this question and come up with the most effective answer:

  1. Highlight The Skills You Want To Use

You can start out by talking about your strengths and skills and how they relate to the job. Even if you don’t possess all the necessary skills required for your dream job, this interview question helps you focus on areas you’d like to grow in. Align your skills to the qualifications and requirements in the job posting.

  1. Don’t Give Yourself A Title

You may want to become a content writer someday but refrain from giving yourself a job title. Instead, stick with a general description and discuss the common duties and responsibilities of that position. You can either focus on the functions or provide relevant details about your ideal job.

  1. Tailor Your Response To The Job

Even if the job of your dreams isn’t related to the position you’re applying for, make sure you orient your answer toward the profile. Unless you can relate to the role, your interviewer is likely to presume that you aren’t interested or passionate about the field. Make sure to tailor your response; study the job description in detail.

  1. Align Your Values With Organizational Values

Organizations prefer candidates who share the same values as theirs. To enhance the quality of your answer to ‘what is your dream job’, research the organization’s values, mission and vision by going to their website. Evaluate your personal motivation and draw parallels between your mission and theirs.

  1. Validate Your Response With Reasons

A great way to sum up your response is to explain why you want the job.  Talking about why you think or dream of something is a good way to showcase what gets you excited. You can always add weight to your answer by providing examples from real life and connecting those stories to your dream job.

Now that you know how to come up with the most suitable response for one of the most popular interview questions, let’s look at an example.

‘What Is Your Dream Job’ Sample Answer

Here is a sample answer of a candidate who is passionate about environmental sustainability.

“I have always been passionate about the environment. My engineering background helped me pursue a career intending to improve sustainability initiatives through the use of technology. My dream job is to work for an organization that shares my beliefs and passions. I want to create a sustainable future by contributing to and promoting the efforts of India’s energy sector.”

Prepare For The Job Of Your Dreams!

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