Irrespective of the industry you’re in or your current role, there will come a point when you want to move to the next stage of your career. Asking for a promotion is crucial for professional development but it can be nerve-wracking. Even when you feel ready for the next step, having a conversation with your manager isn’t easy.

Finding the appropriate way to ask for promotion can give you a good chance of achieving it. But what is it that makes the task easy and how does one know if it’s the right time? Read on to find answers to the question: how to ask for a promotion.

  1. The Right Time To Ask For Promotion

  2. How To Ask Your Manager For A Promotion

The Right Time To Ask For Promotion

Before we learn how to ask for a promotion, let’s understand the need for it and the right time to do so. There will be several instances in your life when you feel ready for the next career step. Just like any other aspirational professional, you’ll want to grow. However, waiting for the right time makes the process easier. Here are some common situations where a humble request for promotion is reasonable:

  1. When you’re willing to grow

You realize that you want to pursue growth in your current role and organization. When you have held your current position for a good amount of time, you develop the necessary skills and knowledge. This gives you a higher chance of getting a promotion.

  1. When you’ve taken on increased responsibilities

If you reflect on the responsibilities you had when you joined the organization versus the responsibilities you have today, there will be a visible difference. A great way to analyze this is to look at your job description and compare it with the task list you currently fulfill. Increased responsibilities mean you do so much more and it makes a stronger case for your promotion.

  1. When you’ve positively impacted the business

While everyone’s work impacts a business, there are times when employees go above and beyond. If you’ve accomplished your targets or positively influenced the organization’s performance, then you have provided value. It’s the perfect time to put in a humble request for promotion.

Once you’ve identified the right time and opportunity, you can confidently ask for the much-deserved promotion. Read on and learn how to ask for a promotion and discuss the specifics with your manager.

How To Ask Your Manager For A Promotion

Putting yourself out there can be daunting but it’s also an extremely vital step for your career. Here are some effective tips that’ll not only teach you how to ask your manager for a promotion but also put in a humble request for promotion, with confidence:

  1. Prepare Ahead Of Time

The most important step is to do your homework before the big conversation. You’ll need to support your request with information such as achievements and progress. If you have taken a side project or additional responsibilities, it’s important to highlight them as well. This is why identifying the reason you are asking for a promotion is equally important.

  1. Plan The Meeting

A good rule of thumb while figuring out how to ask for a promotion is to ask for a meeting. You can either wait for your (semi) annual review or set up a meeting separately. An effective approach is to send an email requesting a meeting. Make it clear in the email that you want to discuss your performance and scope for growth.

  1. Connect It With The Organization

While numbers-backed data acts as leverage for promotion, you can build a strong case by tying your reasons with the organization’s benefit. The better you can convince your manager of the positive outcomes for the business that’ll come from your new role, the greater are the chances of getting the promotion. You can even connect your personal mission with the organization’s.

It’s clear that to have the promotion conversation, you need to prepare and set the stage. It’s important to remember that it’s a process and may take some time before you set up a meeting and have the conversation successfully. Despite your efforts, if you don’t succeed in securing a promotion, don’t lose heart. Before you leave the meeting, understand what will happen down the road. Get feedback and work toward opportunities that can help you grow.

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