In Japan, even though the mandated workweek is 40 hours long, some companies demand at least 80 hours of overtime.

‘Death by overwork’ or karoshi is a common phenomenon in Japan, where people often suffer physically and mentally as a result of these extreme work hours. The government has taken active steps to curb this problem by introducing compulsory holidays and initiatives like ‘Premium Fridays’— to encourage employees to leave the office as early as 3 pm every Friday.

In any organization, it’s important for top management to be considerate of their employees’ time, work-life balance and, most importantly, mental health.

Today, the world is far more competitive and, as a result, the race to the finish line has many more hurdles. Everyone’s working hard to realize their goals—whether personal or professional. So, it’s the responsibility of the top management to ensure that their employees are motivated and satisfied.

There are many ways to boost morale in your organization, but it’s equally important to recognize why. If you want to increase productivity, retain talent and make sure your employees remain loyal to your organization, then employee morale must be a priority. Let’s answer how to improve employee morale to increase workplace productivity.

How To Boost Employee Morale And Motivation

When it comes to the importance of employee morale, there’s no right answer or cut and dry method. But you can always make an effort to listen to your employees and act on what they say. For instance, say a team member is struggling with their workload. In this case, you can delegate some of their tasks to other team members so they don’t burn out.

Let’s explore key ways to boost employee morale in your organization.

  1. Schedule Regular Catch-Ups

It’s important to stay on the same page as your employees to make them feel like they’re part of the organization. A sense of belonging can increase efficiency and productivity. Therefore, it becomes critical to cultivate this feeling in a place where we spend almost a third of our lives. Schedule regular meetings whenever you can to know about their well-being, share updates and get a rundown on their tasks.

  1. Delegate Power to Employees

At a time when hierarchical work structures are slowly becoming a thing of the past, you have to delegate some authority among your team members. They should feel that what they say matters. The level of autonomy in your organization impacts employee morale. If they can take charge of certain activities, they’ll be more inclined to accomplish organizational goals.

  1. Encourage Employee Initiatives

Boost morale by giving different individuals a chance to lead initiatives like CSR projects, managing the official newsletter or organizing important events like town hall meetings. Not only will this take their mind off work for some time but also provide an opportunity to apply their skills and abilities in different areas.

  1. Establish a Rewards and Recognition Program

Incentives are known to boost morale because they motivate employees to perform well. You can establish a rewards program based on your work ethic, work style and achievements for improved employee morale. This can be specific, like achieving their sales targets or general like ‘employee of the month’. Many organizations distribute performance-based bonuses during appraisals. This can also motivate individual team members to improve their performance.

  1. Engage in Social Activities

Social activities are a significant part of the modern workplace. From ‘Casual Fridays’ to off-sites and team building activities, many organizations promote a healthy work-life balance. Planning social activities like picnics or a 1-hour dance class during work can boost morale. It’s a break from the monotony and encourages social interaction. Everyone can interact with people from different departments to blow off steam.

Many of us now want to work at an organization that promotes a healthy work-life balance. So, developing a workplace culture that supports and values its employees can help you reduce employee turnover. Harappa Education’s Managing Teamwork course is designed to teach you how you can boost morale in your team. You’ll learn how to navigate different workstyles, resolve conflict and encourage collaboration. Lead your team to success with the right skills and mindset!

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