Ayushmann Khurrana, one of the most popular actors of Bollywood established himself in the film industry on his own. Neither did he have any internal connections nor did he have a ‘godfather’ to handhold him through his journey. Nonetheless, he was able to challenge himself and step outside his comfort zone because he pursued his passion. Even after being a part of the entertainment industry, he faced several challenges but he continued to persevere. This is the power of passion!

However, following your passion isn’t always easy. Let’s see what it means to follow your passion and the most effective ways of being successful at it.

  1. Why Is It So Hard To Follow Your Passion?

  2. What Does It Mean To Follow Your Passion

  3. How To Follow Your Passion And Succeed

Why Is It So Hard To Follow Your Passion?

People often have a misconception about passion and they view it as something fixed. In other words, you have a passion or don’t. In fact, it restricts people from exploring new opportunities and utilizing their true potential. If you want to pursue your passion, you need to change this limiting belief. Passion is something that can be discovered and developed at any point in your life. It’s never too late! 

It’s important to follow your passion as it helps you become resilient in the face of challenges. It helps you redefine success as you go beyond the simplistic definition of fame and success. When you align your passion with your work, you find your job meaningful and purposeful. Passionate people are likely to have a positive outlook and are more efficient when it comes to problem-solving. Pursue your passion to work toward self-improvement and improve your chances of success.

What Does It Mean To Follow Your Passion?

In a nutshell, following your passion means exploring things that spark your interest. You’re motivated to develop skills in a specific area—and using those skills to pursue your long-term or life goals. It even provides us with a sense of purpose and helps us take charge of our personal growth. Here are several reasons that’ll encourage you to pursue your passion.

  1. Passion Generates Ideas

Being passionate about something helps you think about new and innovative ways of approaching things. For example, if you’re passionate about painting, you’re likely to find creative ways to try out new styles.

  1. Passion Drives Motivation

Motivation and passion go hand-in-hand. When you’re passionate about something, you’re encouraged to work with greater enthusiasm. Pursuing lifetime goals requires patience and motivation. If you’re not in it, you’re unlikely to win it.

  1. Passion Drives Loyalty

Imagine taking up a job only because it pays well. You eventually take up too many responsibilities and your work-life balance gets affected. It’s highly possible that you’ll burn out and think about quitting at some point. Being passionate helps you stay loyal and minimize your chances of quitting.

How To Follow Your Passion And Succeed

Confucius, the famous philosopher said, “choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.” The advice seems simple but isn’t always easy in the real world. Even following your patience requires patience and planning. Here are a few effective ways that’ll teach you how to follow your passion successfully.

  1. Write It Down

The best way to keep reminding yourself about your passion is to write it down. You can make to-do lists, maintain a journal or create a vision board where you make notes of what you want to pursue. You can even create an action plan around it and establish milestones you’d like to achieve. Remember to be specific and realistic while setting these targets.

  1. Do Your Homework

If you want to truly pursue your passion, you should do everything it takes to devise a plan. Start by doing basic research about the topic, the skills involved and the various opportunities that are associated with it. Consider talking to a career counselor if needed and identify your unique skills for success.

  1. Find Your Guiding Light

People often turn toward various sources of inspiration to stay motivated and dedicated to their passion projects. Whether it’s world leaders or managers and coworkers—identify people who’ll guide and motivate you. You can also network with like-minded individuals and professionals who’ll mentor and support you every step of the way.


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