Storytelling with data, visual representation of information and audience connect are elements of a great presentation.

Today, creating PowerPoint slides with text and images isn’t enough. People try innovative, creative and exciting methods, techniques and skills to spice up their presentations. But at the heart of this is connecting with your audience.

As an employee, you may be required to give presentations at work. It’s important to learn how to give a good presentation if you want to create a lasting impression. Preparation, practice and feedback are some key ways to help you on your journey to becoming a great speaker.

Read on to discover more ways to understand how to give a presentation that’s effective, impactful and impressive.

  1. How To Give An Effective Presentation

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How To Give An Effective Presentation

In a professional setting, some things you have to be mindful of are who you’re addressing, what’s at stake and what’s the impact. For instance, if you’re giving a presentation to a client, how you present will be different from if you were presenting to your team.

Therefore, knowing how to give a presentation in different contexts is important.

Before we dive into ways to give a great presentation. Let’s consider some scenarios where you might have to present.

  • Client meetings

  • Sales pitches

  • Team catch-ups

  • Town halls

  • Social events

  • Investor meetings

  • Board meetings

Each of these scenarios needs to be dealt with differently. Social events are much more informal compared to a town hall or an investor meeting. You can make note of these subtleties before you start preparing.

Here’s how to give a presentation in a professional setting:

  1. Practice And Prepare

You must make it a point to practice your presentation with a friend or a colleague. Always go prepared if you don’t want to end up floundering. When you practice your speech and coordinate slides, you can control some of what takes place in the room. Familiarizing yourself with the material is a great way to deliver a memorable presentation.

  1. Introduce Yourself

Understand how to give an introduction in presentations to make a great first impression. Self-introductions are powerful because they’re your first interaction with the listener. Keep it short, precise and relevant for most impact.

  1. Be Mindful Of Your Audience

Don’t overlook your audience in an effort to get through your script. Just because you’re nervous and want to get it over with, you can’t rush it. You have to pay attention to how they’re responding to you at every step. Why is this important? It’s because you can read whether they find it interesting, engaging or worthwhile. Reading your audience, maintaining eye contact and picking up on non-verbal cues are key skills.

  1. Combine Creativity With Storytelling

Visuals are everything today, whether you’re an accountant or a copywriter. People want bite-sized content that’s easy to consume. They want appealing visuals, exciting boards and pleasing colors. So, give it to them. Create a deck that’s attractive enough to make them sit up and take notice.

  1. Speak Clearly

When you’re learning how to give a presentation, you can’t overlook the power of clear speech. Your tone, pitch and volume must match the general mood of the room. Move around, focus on your body language and use your hands to make a point. Own the room you’re in so that everyone’s eyes are on you.

  1. Leave Room For A Q&A

Before you wrap up, invite people to ask questions and address any queries they may have. You can help them understand things they missed out on or drive home your point. A Q&A is an effective last step because it can lead to productive discussions.

How to give a presentation is ultimately different for every person. But if you’re preparing with your audience and purpose in mind, you can easily deliver an effective presentation.

Build Your Presentation Skills With Harappa

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