Stress at work is common. It has become more pronounced than ever in the digital age.

Today, people are constantly connected because of the internet, smartphones, and laptops. This only adds to stress levels as the line between work and life has become blurred. 

Work pressure depends upon your profession and its demand. Some professions are more stressful than others, and high stress levels can lead to burnout. If you don’t master the art of handling pressure at work, it usually turns into a physical and mental problem. 

Fatigue, lack of sleep or poor quality of sleep, reduced stamina and memory loss, etc. are some common problems faced by people who continue working under pressure scenarios. 

Working under Pressure Made Easy

It is important to know how to handle pressure. Let’s look at five highly effective techniques that will make your work life more comfortable and productive:

  1. Setting your priorities right:

In a high-pressure work environment, you need to don multiple hats. You have to keep track of your performance and you are also responsible for supporting your colleagues, guiding your subordinates and, more often than not, you are also expected to come up with ideas and strategies.

That’s why you might often get lost in the multitude of tasks. The workload might appear overwhelming and any personal issues might make things more stressful. However, prioritizing is the key to reducing stress. 

There will always be tasks that are more important and urgent than others. Put them at the top of your to-do list and if there is a lengthy task, then break it down into small sections and make progress step-by-step. 

Many times, we get stressed due to an ‘all-or-nothing’ mindset where we don’t consider it progress until we finish a task. We should avoid such a mindset.

  1. Maintain your composure:

There is no bigger enemy to one’s progress and goodwill at work than emotional or angry outbursts.  Irrespective of how demanding or stressful a situation is, you should remain calm.

Thinking calmly helps you rationalize the situation and respond appropriately. The focus has to be on resolution and not reacting in a way that aggravates the problem. 

  1. Establish healthy work and life rules:

Stress makes us prone to unhealthy habits. We lose track of our working hours, and we tend to eat and drink without much thought. Lack of exercise is another adverse outcome of being desk-bound for long hours.

Working under pressure situations leads to an erratic lifestyle. However, once you know how to work under pressure, you won’t ignore your lifestyle. Eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly. You will notice a transformation in your mental and physical capabilities and a drop in stress levels. 

Learn to say no to people who push you beyond your limits. Don’t make a habit of working 15-18 hours a day. 

  1. Take a break:

When work becomes a drag and you feel exhausted, unhappy or sick, take a break. Taking time out to de-stress is necessary.  On a normal workday, make sure to take frequent breaks. Take a short walk or stretch a little. And when work begins to get too stressful, take a few days off.

Even our gadgets need time to recharge their batteries. Then why not us?

  1. Take help:

Seeking help from others or the support of your colleagues is not a bad thing when the situation becomes overwhelming. If you are at a tipping point, let your manager or boss know you need support.

Sometimes working under pressure can have a psychological impact and seeking help is a good idea. Humans are social animals and our family and society can help us get through stressful scenarios. However, we need to seek their support. 


Avoiding work pressure is not possible nowadays, especially in digital-first workplaces. However, once you become adept at handling pressure at work, you can enjoy a less stressful and highly productive professional as well as personal life.

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