Think about a public figure you admire greatly. It could be a businessperson, actor, sportsperson or politician.

What is it about them that makes you look up to them? Their talent and success is only part of the reason for their charisma and aura. Maybe it’s the way they carry themselves or perhaps they are very powerful speakers.

Or it could be their cheery manner that draws you to them.

People make a good impression on others for several reasons. 

Read on to find out which near-universal qualities are impressive at any age, in anyone. 

1. Having a Cheerful and Warm Disposition 

People tend to gravitate towards happy, warm people who have positive vibes. A cheerful person makes others feel happier and cheerier too. So if you are wondering how to be impressive, start by smiling. There's no doubt that people feel comfortable around people who smile often. A smiling, happy person spreads good cheer and warmth wherever they go. People tend to remember happy and jovial people far better than sullen or stiff people. So, smile more! That's the easiest way of making a good impression on others. Laugh often and participate in friendly banter too. People will think of you as an open and light-hearted person who is fun to be around. 

2. Being a People Person

People are usually impressed by a people person. A people person is someone who enjoys being with and talking to other people. If you have been wondering how to impress a person, start by being friendly and polishing your conversational skills. Learn to introduce yourself confidently and carry a conversation. This will help you come across as a person who is confident yet easy to talk to and will make you even more impressive.

3. Being Kind, Empathetic and Helpful 

Everyone needs a little kindness once in a while. So instead of focusing your energy on impressing someone, look for ways to help people out. A kind and generous person comes across as humble, empathetic, and helpful, which makes people warm up to him or her quickly. Remember, the most impressive people are not necessarily the wealthiest or most intelligent ones, but the ones who are the most generous. Generosity does not only mean doing charity or volunteer work. One can also start by doing small things. Listening to someone who is going through a hard time or showing support for someone who is being treated unfairly are also traits of generosity and will make an individual impressive in the eyes of the public.

4. Constantly Learning

Think of learning as a lifelong endeavor. The curiosity to keep learning and gaining knowledge is a very impressive quality. Well-known businesspeople, athletes and professionals say they are always learning and growing. Despite their success, they don’t rest on their laurels and try to keep learning as much as they can. Developing soft and professional skills and sharing one’s learnings with others is an impressive trait of an evergreen learner.

5. Being Open-Minded

People who are open-minded enough to have discussions about the things they disagree on are characterized as impressive. This does not mean that one needs to let go of their own opinions and beliefs to impress another person. It simply means one should be open to listening to other people’s thoughts and ideas and accepting the parts that feel right.  An impressive person does not just shake their head and nod along to anything the other person says, but encourages a conversation and is willing to change their mind. 

6. Being Inspiring

The most important thing to remember, however, is that one should never strive to impress but inspire. Think of qualities you have that others would want to learn. Hone your technical and soft skills so that you become an example for those around you. A true leader is someone who inspires and impresses others. Cultivate leadership qualities like communication, teamwork, confidence, and so on. The answer to the question “how to impress someone” is “be inspiring”. 

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