The role of body language in communication is extremely important. As people say, how something is said is more important than what is being said. The most heartfelt apology can be perceived as meaningless if the person’s tone and body language seem indifferent.

Acquiring nonverbal communication and body language skills can ease the path of success for you. It may not take a lot of effort, but you need to know the suitable techniques to get your body language right.

Role of body language in communication

Nonverbal communication helps convey messages without using words. The proverb, actions speak louder than words, aptly explains the role of body language in nonverbal communication. No matter how small, every action in the public domain conveys a meaning. The role of body language in communication is unparalleled and can make your message more effective.

Nonverbal cues help you communicate on a human level. Observing the body language of another person gives an insight into how that person is receiving or transmitting information.

The speaker’s emotions are aptly expressed through their body language.

A confident speaker will make eye contact, use a loud and even tone of voice, stand straight, and not fidget. The authenticity and genuineness of a speaker are evident in their body language. When a speaker’s expressions mirror what they are saying, it shows they believe in their message. Similarly, a speaker who is passionate about their message may use hand gestures while speaking to emphasize their point.

The reception of the message by the listener or audience can also be gauged from their nonverbal cues. When the audience or listeners are bored they may fidget, slouch, or yawn. On the other hand, attentive and engaged listeners will tend to sit straight, focus their attention on the speaker, and nod their heads from time to time.

Whether you want to be a leader, a salesperson, or a diligent employee, your body language, gestures, and facial expressions can take you a long way in making your communication effective.

How to improve body language

Some ways of improving your body language are:

  1. Be aware

The first step towards improving body language is becoming aware of your existing style of nonverbal comunication. Think of a social gathering or meeting you’ve attended earlier and try to remember how you conducted yourself physically and emotionally, how you reacted to others or the information received, and how you felt about the overall situation.

In social situations such as meetings, interviews, dates, or even a friends’ get-together, try to observe how and what you do to communicate nonverbally. Observe people’s emotions and reactions when you change your posture, use different gestures, display scenario-appropriate facial expressions, and bring positive energy to the table.

By remembering your own actions and observing others’, you can develop and improve your body language in your communication skills. This definitely holds the secret to understanding how to improve body language.

  1. Make eye contact

Nonverbal communication and body language go hand in hand. While communicating with another person, focus on the eyes. As they say, eyes are the windows to the soul. Eyes usually communicate in a language that is more effective than words and have the capacity of revealing the truth.

Maintaining healthy eye contact, without staring at the speaker, is important. Avoiding eye contact usually indicates that a person has something to hide. A pleasant, affirmative eye contact ensures a calming, attentive, yet powerful presence.

The eyes of a speaker can tell you how much she really feels about the topic of discussion. So working on this aspect can contribute to improving body language.

  1. Energy level

The use of body language in business communication is largely dependent on the role you assume. However, displaying playful yet mature and sophisticated energy surely takes you places. People are drawn to personalities that ooze positive energy. Spend some time with such a person, and they will infect you with their energy.

Such personalities are the answer to the question: how to improve body language?  Clearing your head before you start to do anything, interacting with other people, and meditating for 5-10 minutes will help you connect to yourself and others better.

  1. Smile

Worried about your body language in business communication? The easiest way to deal with it is to wear a smile on your face. It shows confidence as well as comfort.

Whenever you find yourself wondering about ways of improving body language, count on a calm smile. It will have an immediate effect on the people around you.

A smile can reassure people, make them comfortable, and bring a little sunshine to everyone’s day. Plus, smiling often also decreases the risk of illnesses, boosts immunity to depression, and fills one up with warm optimism.

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