Here’s something you must have heard a lot: “You must keep challenging yourself every day to keep growing, learning and building yourself up!”

Sounds exhausting, doesn’t it?

Today, the common narrative is that you must do something purposeful even when you have a day off or you’re doing something for fun.

If it’s a hobby, you should convert it into a side hustle. If you’re reading, read something from the ‘100 books you should read before you die’ list. If you’re learning how to bake, bake something that’s in fashion.

Each of these activities will definitely help you improve personally and professionally. But if you keep going because you have to prove yourself or one-up someone else, it’ll tire you out sooner than you think. 

You don’t strive to boost your intelligence just to keep moving or stay active. It’s about centering yourself—understanding where you are, what you need and how you can achieve your goals.

Let’s discover some simple ways of boosting intelligence.


  1. How To Increase Intelligence

  2. Boosting Your Intelligence With Critical Thinking  

How To Increase Intelligence


First things first. There may not be a straightforward, one-size-fits-all answer to how to improve intelligence. It may be different for each person because what you need right now may not be the same as someone else.

There are several things you can do as a way to increase intelligence. If you don’t want to do anything elaborate, you can make simple and effective changes to your routine. Being intelligent requires a certain level of mindfulness. To build this you need self-awareness and a good idea of what you need.

Here’s how to boost intelligence with everyday habits to nurture your brain:


  • Incorporate Reading Into Your Schedule

Reading can be the stimulus you need to put your brain into action. Regardless of what you read, the act itself charges your cognitive ability. You’re able to think through things with more perspective, approaching a problem from a different lens. Reading opens the world to you. It’s endless knowledge you can break, consume and regurgitate in the form of writing, visual application or just arming yourself with its power.

  • Pick Up Skills You’ve Been Putting Off

Each of us has skills we’d like to develop. Joining a class may be expensive or too much work. Maybe you don’t have the time—what with work taking up most of it. But there’s always room for more. Additionally, doing something you genuinely enjoy can make you happy. This, in turn, can help people improve intelligence in a way that positively impacts their professional lives.

  • Change Your Environment

Often, it’s our environment that hinders our growth. No matter how much you want to grow, if you restrict yourself to one place, you may be hampering your personal development. To improve intelligence, you need to stimulate yourself. This can be achieved by completely changing your environment or taking breaks to give yourself different things to look forward to.

  • Embrace Lifelong Learning

Learning is perpetual. You can pick up a book or enroll for an online course at a moment’s notice. There’s no limit to what you can study. It doesn’t have to be something that leads to a business or professional opportunity. But all learning helps in boosting intelligence. It ignites your curiosity, enables you to think critically and leads you to acquire new knowledge.

  • Talk To People

Talking to people—trusted and new—is the simplest, most effective answer to how to increase your intelligence. When you communicate, interact and engage, you find yourself in the company of varied thoughts, ideas and opinions. What this does is give you a chance to understand others. Understanding what and how others approach certain situations is a strong nudge to your cognitive ability.


Can you increase your intelligence? The answer is yes. Intelligence is subjective, depending on several factors. If you put your mind to it and keep engaging yourself in things you enjoy or are curious about, you can increase intelligence.

Boosting Your Intelligence With Critical Thinking


Harappa’s Thinking Critically course will push you to put on your thinking cap and build a roadmap for your mind. With thinking tools like mental models, you’ll learn how you can improve intelligence in an efficient way. You’ll also learn to separate opinion from fact and build well-reasoned arguments and observe how data can enable expert thinking with insightful evaluations.

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