You put in the time. You do your job diligently. You achieve all the necessary milestones. Finally, the moment arrives—your boss calls you into their office and hands over a letter with a knowing smile. 

You have just been made a manager! You are now responsible for a team of individuals with varying skill sets and a range of temperaments. 

A promotion to a leadership role is a big deal. Doing your job well is just one dimension of being a leader. To be a great leader, you must know how to encourage a team at the workplace.

From day one, you try to be a good leader. You want to emulate your idols Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Sheryl Sandberg. But, soon enough, a day comes along when you’re less than impressed with your team’s workflow and output. Your boss calls you into his cabin and asks how you’re going to motivate your team to achieve better results.

You leave the cabin with thoughts swirling in your head: How do I keep this talented team motivated? How do I ensure it meets, and then exceeds, the expectations everyone has?  

Let’s read about some ways in which you can motivate your team to perform better.

How to motivate your team?

Good work deserves recognition. Appreciate the work done by your team members. Make it a point to share individual achievements and milestones with the entire team. Let your team members know that you value their input. 

How to motivate your team to improve performance

You have to think deeply about the obstacles that may be preventing your team from achieving its goals. Build a personal rapport with your teammates. Find out how they can grow. Find out what tools they might need to perform their duties optimally. Offer your help often so they know you are approachable and trustworthy. 

How do you inspire your team?

The best way to inspire your team is by showing them that they are capable of going beyond the call of duty. We have always heard that leaders should “lead by example”. Be the best at what you do and show them that they can get better too. As former American president John Quincy Adams said, “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a good leader.” Inspire your teammates with your efforts at refreshing your knowledge and staying on top of industry trends. Soon, they will begin doing the same.

How to motivate your team during a crisis?

Use positive reinforcement to motivate your team in high-pressure situations. When somebody does a good job, appreciate them publicly. If someone isn’t able to figure out what to do in a situation, spend some quality time with them and explain what needs to be done. One way to motivate a team in the office is to create a healthy work environment where nobody feels overworked and underappreciated. 

How to keep employees engaged and motivated?

Make sure that your team members have a voice. Listen to all of their suggestions. Instill a sense of democracy in decision-making and equality in treatment. When they see you listening to their suggestions and asking about ways to implement them, it will immediately boost their confidence and motivate them to work harder. 

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Always remember that your subordinates are looking up to you and your superiors are watching how you motivate your team. Make sure that you lead from the front!

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