In India, your academic record is considered central to not just your education, but also the start of your career. This record is ideally unblemished by Bs and Cs, and, heaven forbid, Ds. Alongside the surrounding systems, it is an unforgiving place with little room for error. Many consider it the be-all and end-all to achieving success.

But today, the world of work has changed — and with it the need to look beyond traditional education. The kind of skills we learn in school and college, while useful in their own right, are not always an accurate predictor of professional success. There’s so much more to a job: both in terms of how we get there and what happens when we do.

It is this truth that led to the birth of Harappa Education. We are an online learning institution that prepares and trains young adults for the world of work. Our 25 courses are centered around 5 core Habits — Think, Solve, Communicate, Collaborate and Lead — covering the social, emotional and cognitive skills that power professional excellence. The rich curriculum is taught by superhero faculty who are experts in their own right; bringing in a wealth of knowledge from across professional and academic domains. Finally, in-course assessments help you gauge and test your progress on 25 Skills and 100+ behaviors.

Here are some courses we offer that will help you in your journey to success:

  • Reasoning Logically, THINK Habit
    The ability to reason and craft compelling arguments is an indispensable skill you will require in a variety of professional situations. Whether you’re writing an exam, giving an interview, or starting a new job, it’s so important to know how to minimize reasoning errors, overcoming cognitive biases and analyzing through logic and emotion.

  • Defining Problems, SOLVE Habit
    This course will help you construct and articulate effective problem statements. You will learn how to observe a problem from different perspectives, develop a robust point of view and build agility for problem-solving in various contexts, both personal and professional. See also: Structuring Problems

  • Speaking Effectively, COMMUNICATE Habit
    Crafting clear, appropriate and effective verbal communication is key to acing interviews, presentations and pitches. This course helps you deliver ideas smartly, organize your thoughts better, and prepare, practice and learn how to connect with the listener using rich frameworks that you can put to test with audio-video tools.

  • Writing Proficiently, COMMUNICATE Habit
    The pen is the mightiest; nothing makes a lasting impact quite like smartly written communication. The good news is that armed with the right tools, anyone can learn how to structure information better, write compelling arguments and add flair to everyday writing — whether it’s for an email, a resume, or a report.

Everyone’s welcome to sign up! You may leave your report cards behind.

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