Great leaders are applauded for the way they stay calm and resolute under stress. People think they are born with that quality. Not always. Most leaders have mastered the fine art of stress management.

How to reduce stress

Stress is a state of mental or emotional strain resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances. We have to realize that dealing with stress in the right manner will take us towards our goal faster. 

Instead of getting scared and running away from stress, we must face it and equip ourselves to manage it.

Stress management techniques

Let us learn about some significant stress management techniques.

Do you know how top performers deal with stress? They keep the bigger picture in mind. They don’t run after perfection but focus on progress. 

Here is what President Barak Obama had said in an interview, “You need to remove the day-to-day problems from your life that absorb most people for meaningful parts of their day. You need to focus your decision-making energy. You need to routinize yourself. You can’t be going through the day distracted by trivia.”

A step-by-step approach to stress management

A step-by-step approach is best for learning how to overcome stress:

  1. Know your stress

Understand the pattern of your stress. Some people feel sleepy when they are stressed. Others get nauseous. How do you experience stress? What are the recurring symptoms that you face? Knowing this will prepare you for better stress management. Keep a diary of your stress signals. It helps.  Once you identify your stressors, it is easier to treat them. 

  1. Address a stressful situation

Face and analyze the stressful situation that needs to be addressed. You can take the help of your loved ones, close friends, or mentors for the same. Jot down the various ways for how to deal with stress. Choose the one that will give the best long-term results. 

  1. Avoid some stressors

Avoiding does not mean turning your back on stressors and not addressing them. It means eliminating certain negativities that hamper your happiness or harm your self-esteem. It is better to avoid a friend who taunts you constantly, or you know it is bound to spoil your evening.

  1. Express yourself

Reach out to your loved ones when feeling bogged down. Calling mom is a magical solution. It is proven that the mother’s voice soothes and calms your strained nerves. Plus, she knows you inside out and can be the best mentor at times. Do not bottle up your feelings. Communicate with the right people.

  1. Learn time management

If a tight schedule and no space are your stressors, it’s time to master the art of time management. Make some quality time for yourself. Prioritization, organization, and planning are three pillars of effective stress management. 

  1. Follow mindful strategies

Coping with stress by binge eating will ruin your health. Share your problems or feelings with your friend instead. Or go for a walk outside. Take control of your environment to create a positive change. Look at the ‘glass half full’ as they say. 

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Go ahead. Find a purpose. Be the change you want to see and plan a constructive future for yourself.

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