Excellent customer service is one of the foundational pillars that helps an organization grow and profit. Creating a customer-centric business starts with hiring the right kind of people. If you’re interviewing for a customer service job, the recruiter will be eager to find out how good your communication and analytical skills are.

Read on to see common customer service interview questions and how to frame appropriate responses. You’ll find tips and strategies for preparation, in addition to a list of customer service interview questions and answers.

  1. Unraveling The Meaning Of Customer Service

  2. Common Customer Service Interview Questions And Answers

  3. How To Answer Customer Service Interview Questions

Unraveling The Meaning Of Customer Service

Before we take a look at specific customer service interview questions, let’s understand what good customer service means.

In its most basic form, customer service means ensuring that a customer is happy. It helps you make sure that the customer is satisfied with your product or service and any issues related to sales, delivery, use, installation and other aspects have been resolved quickly. Efficient customer service has the following defining features:

  • Strong technical knowledge (for example, product awareness)

  • Cordial (or friendly) attitude, whether it’s in-person or over phone

  • Good problem-solving abilities for quicker resolution

These are some of the traits that are specific to customer success. However, while answering customer service interview questions, you’ll need to communicate how and when you’ll be showcasing these skills.

Common Customer Service Interview Questions And Answers

Here are the top three customer service questions that are commonly part of interviews. Consider the sample answers while framing your own responses when you prepare for the interview.

  1. What is customer service?

The interviewer already knows the answer to this question but wants to determine how you define it and whether it aligns with the organization.

“To me, customer service is making sure that the customer has a great experience. While listening is central to the definition, I also believe in delivering solutions in a time-efficient manner.”

  1. Why do you want to work in customer service?

Interviewers want to know whether you’re passionate about the role. They want to gauge whether interacting with customers and solving their problems is something you find joy in doing.

“I find the greatest satisfaction in being able to help out customers and making them feel that they deserve and have received the best. I enjoy the product or service offered by your organization and believe that it brings joy to the people using it.”

  1. What does good customer service mean to you?

When interviewers ask “what does customer service mean to you?”, they want to understand what a good customer experience looks like to you. In other words, they want to gauge how you determine the quality of customer service.

“In my experience, good customer service means having extensive knowledge of your industry and product or service. It means helping customers make the best choices and wisest decisions. It’s the ability to be aware, empathic and alert at all times.”

How To Answer Customer Service Interview Questions

Here are some simple yet effective tips and strategies that’ll help you navigate even the trickiest customer service interview questions:

  • Look for opportunities to demonstrate that your understanding of customer service is vast and you’re aware of the organization’s needs

  • Share meaningful examples and even real-life stories if possible as they make responses more persuasive

  • As the role requires several fundamental qualities (such as good communication abilities), ensure that you appear positive and upbeat

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