Look around you. Regardless of how our lives have changed for a while, the bottom line is they have —for all of us. 

We’re all confined within our homes, reading WhatsApp messages about what’s happening in the world every day. We’re hoping for the best and preparing for the worst. 

For the moment, there’s a global sense of a loss of control over our daily activities. And we, at Harappa, believe that regardless of how uncertain the times are, we can all spend our 21 days in lockdown working on our collective well-being and taking control of our lives in whatever way we can.

Today, we’re launching #Habits21, a 21-day series of short reads and media bytes to help all our readers stay positive, inspired, and continue learning and developing. 

A sudden change in our lifestyles can be stressful: emails piling up, not knowing what information to believe, taking extra precautions by incessantly washing our hands and, worst of all, battling feelings of loneliness and confusion. Learning to adapt to these changes can not just help us stay on track, but also thrive.

The 5 Harappa Habits aren’t just for the workplace. The Habits—Think, Solve, Communicate, Collaborate and Lead—offer a pathway to the light at the end of the tunnel. We can use our quaran-time to THINK logically about what information to consume, SOLVE work-from-home problems, maintain quality COMMUNICATION with our loved ones, COLLABORATE to keep ourselves and each other safe, and LEAD ourselves to the other side.

We encourage you to prioritize the health and safety not only of yourself but also others in your community. And we hope this 21-day series can inspire you to take control in times of uncertainty and fear. Stay tuned for exciting content on the science of building habits, as well as staying resilient and motivated. And remember, #justkeeplearning.

Explore topics such as Resilience, What is Self Awareness, Charisma and Resilience Examples from our Harappa Diaries blog section and take charge of your growth.

Haripriya Dalmia is a Consultant for Learning Impact at Harappa Education.

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