We, at Harappa, have always known how special digital education is, and how it can help teach and solve problems at many levels. We have also hosted a couple of webinars to engage with our learners and well-wishers on the work we do. In some cases, the number of participants in each webinar has almost touched 300-400 learners.

Given how many educators around the world are holding virtual classes on Zoom in these volatile times, here are five tips you MUST keep in mind while holding your sessions. We hope you find them useful.

  1. While planning an online session, make sure you create a detailed agenda on who will speak when. Don’t keep it fluid. Too many people speaking at the same time will result in utter chaos.

  2. Always appoint a moderator who holds the right to mute and unmute participants. This may seem controlling at first, but if everyone is kept unmuted, the background noise from each participant will disturb the session.

  3. Sometimes, the most interactive part of a class is the Q&A session, and you don’t want to miss out on that in your virtual classroom. For this, you can set aside 10-15 minutes every half an hour dedicated to taking queries from students. During this, you can unmute your participants and let them ask their questions, one by one.

  4. You can also ask your participants to record their questions, as and when they have them, in the chat box. This way, you will have all the questions in one place when it’s time for the Q&A round, and this will help save time.

  5. Finally, always use visual aids and tools to explain what you’re teaching. The human connection has already been distanced in your virtual classroom and it’s boring to just see one face throughout a long lecture. Using photographs, images, graphs or even fun illustrations will keep your learners engaged and keep you from losing them.

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Suha Gangopadhyay is Specialist, Curriculum at Harappa Education.

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