The coronavirus outbreak has brought the world to a standstill. Many cities are closing schools and colleges, restaurants and cinema halls to prevent the spread of the virus.

Several offices have also asked people to work from home to practice social distancing in an effort to avoid potential infection. Companies are using digital tools and platforms such as video conferencing and audio calls to conduct meetings and keep operations running.

But working from home isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. People frequently complain about a lack of productivity for various reasons. They say they keep thinking about the chores they have to do, they frequently fall asleep while working or they keep getting distracted.

As working remotely becomes a part of our lives, below are some tips on how to work from home to stay productive:

  1. Wake up early as it boosts proactivity and energy levels. People who wake up earlier are able to get more things done in their day. So if your organization has asked you to work from home, try not to wake up late. Just treat it like a normal working day in the office, the only difference being you’re at home.

  2. Change your clothes and dress for work. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean getting up early, wearing a suit and sitting down with your laptop. Just try getting out of the clothes you slept in and putting on something you don’t call “night clothes”. Something as simple as changing your clothes can orient you towards doing your work better.

  3. Get out of bed (and maybe out of your house). It can be hard to resist the temptation to stay in bed and work on your laptop. But if working in your night clothes makes you feel lazy, working out of bed can make you even more lethargic and, more importantly, sleepy. If you’re struggling for motivation at home, try going out for a walk. Or working out. Anything that gets you out of bed.

  1. Make your distractions disappear. Since you closely associate your home with relaxation, it is easy to drift away and find yourself buried in Instagram stories and Facebook posts, especially when you have to work. If you find yourself getting easily distracted by social media, log out of all of your accounts. Remove any bookmarks or shortcuts to curtail your ease of access.

Working from home is an amazing feeling as long as you manage to actually get work done. It’s not about lounging in bed in your pajamas and teleconferencing, but it’s about creating a schedule that replicates a normal workday in the office. Have a routine. Maintain regular hours. And take frequent breaks.

With these tips for working remotely, you can figure out what works for you and what doesn’t so that you can enjoy working from home. And also stay productive.

Shubhayan Sengupta is Associate Specialist, Curriculum at Harappa Education

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