Does your job role require English writing skills? Almost all job profiles these days require fluent English communication skills. Whatever your dream job might be, one of the first steps towards a successful career should be to make sure your English writing skills are impeccable.

You need writing skills in the modern workplace for many things from simple memos and emails to long reports. Here are some simple tips to improve your writing skills:

How to improve English writing skills-

  • Write every day:

One of the best tips to enhance writing skills that you can get is, ‘Write every day.’ Practicing regular writing will help you refine your English writing skills and become an effective communicator. But how will you find a topic to write on every day? Can you just write only about your favorite topics?

Of course, you can and you should, at least initially, until you become confident enough to explore other topics. Writing content on various topics can help you improve your English writing skills, gain more writing experience, and get knowledge about different areas.

  • Outline before you start:

We don’t think much while writing a text message. But when it comes to composing a thought-provoking piece of content, be it a sales proposal, marketing copy, or an email, you need to sit down and organize your thoughts before you start writing.

If you are wondering how to develop English writing skills, you need to gather information on the topic. And then create an outline. Outlining the points you want to cover will save you time clarifying your answers later. Understand different questions your readers may have and think about what action you want them to take by keeping the copy short, specific, and conversational.

  • Read like it’s your job:

Once you have written down a piece of content, take a short break, and return to your copy with a fresh mind. Reading your own written piece critically will show any writing mistakes, whether they are related to grammar, spelling, or readability.

You can improve your writing skills by diversifying your reading. Expand your reading horizons and try to read more challenging material than you usually prefer to read. Pay attention to the sentence structure, choice of words, and content flow while reading.

  • Don’t over-explain:

Keep it simple. That’s the mantra every professional should follow, always. If you have taken enough time to organize your thoughts, you should be able to write more effectively. This particularly helps in writing a long piece of content, such as instructions and supportive documents. Try to give readers only the required information to understand your message so you won’t overwhelm them with minor details. If you are still finding it difficult to choose what to include in your copy, ask yourself which point is essential.

  • Avoid Filler Words:

It happens to the best of us. When we can’t find the right word, we often tend to fill in the blanks with words such as ‘very’, ‘that, ‘just’, and ‘really’. Even you must have come across these filler words while reading. Here’s a useful tip to build your English writing skills: Don’t use filler words unless they come with an intention. Always keep your editing tight to catch and remove those extra words before you decide on the final copy.

Choose apt words that will convey the message in a balanced way. This skill takes time, but with regular reading and writing practice, you can develop and improve your writing skills to polish your communication.

  • Tighten Your Writing:

Most of us sometimes write as we talk, which can be a good thing as it keeps the writing conversational, especially when it comes to marketing copy. But be careful as rambling and wordy writing can make your content hard to read and comprehend. Also, it can sound like you lack conviction. Practicing your English writing skills is the only option to streamline your writing. So, start now with Harappa’s Writing Proficiently course.

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