It’s one of the most common questions in job interviews: Why should we hire you? You might think it’s simple but the answer to this question often determines your potential employer’s hiring decision. So be prepared for this make-or-break question.

What Do They Really Mean?

When interviewers ask “why should we hire you?”, they’re trying to obtain a unique response that makes it impossible to reject your candidacy. By asking this question, interviewers are trying to check:

  • Whether you’re a good fit for the position

  • If you are the best person for the role

  • Whether you have the necessary background and experience

  • What makes you unique and stand out from the crowd

  • If you’re self-aware and confident about your strengths and weaknesses



Answering Why Should We Hire You

There isn’t any best answer for why we should hire you because your experience is unique and no one answer can encapsulate what you’ve achieved. Craft the answer after considering your knowledge and skillset; however, there are a few things you need to watch out for.

  1. Try Not To Appear Overconfident

You may not realize it but your attempt at being confident may come off as arrogance. You should avoid saying things like “hiring me is the best decision you can make” or “I’m great at everything I do”.

  1. Try Not To Be Too Modest

Just as you should avoid appearing arrogant, try not to be too modest. You don’t want to sound over-compensating as it may indicate a lack of confidence. Steer clear of sentences like “I really want this job and I’m willing to do everything”.

In short, if you want to arrive at the best answer for why should we hire you, avoid either extreme. Aim for the middle ground and prepare an answer that highlights:

  • Your determination and drive to succeed

  • Your passion and proven abilities

  • Your well-informed belief in the organization’s mission

  • Your unique experience and skills

  • Your sense of connection with the organization’s culture

Preparing For ‘Why Should We Hire You?’

Here are some powerful tips that’ll prepare you for effectively answering why should we hire you:

  1. Dig Deep

Do your research before you craft your answer. Take time to study the organization’s mission, vision and culture. You can always refer to the ‘About Us’ page on their website.

  1. Tailor Responses

Pay attention to the details mentioned in the job description—study the requirements under ‘education’, ‘experience’ and other relevant sections. Identify essential keywords and craft your answer accordingly.

  1. Quantify Accomplishments

If you want to establish uniqueness through your profile, quantify your achievement by providing numbers and figures. For example, if you made 50 sales in your previous sales position, you should state that.

  1. Rehearse Your Pitch

Prepare by practicing your pitch in front of a mirror or with someone. Make sure that you keep a casual, conversational and confident tone.

  1. Surprise Them

To leave a mark on potential employers, find ways to go above and beyond. If they are trying to gauge your analytical skills, use the opportunity to give a real-life example of your problem-solving skills.

If you’re still unsure about crafting the perfect response, here’s a basic example that may help:

“I believe that you should hire me because I know how to get the job done. In addition to being a quick learner, my passion and abilities have driven me to apply for this opportunity. Four years of technical educational background and two years of industry experience are proof of my dedication and expertise. I can assure you that I’m motivated and I’m excited to do my best in this role.”

Speak Effectively!

At the core of answering why should we hire you, lies the fundamental ability to display your speaking skills. If you want to ace this interview question, you need to communicate in ways that demand attention. Harappa Education’s Speaking Effectively course will teach you how to improve your verbal communication skills. The section on interview questions in particular will help you navigate the most commonly asked interview questions. Exhibit confidence in your speech and deliver ideas successfully!

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