Lockdown is the new word in my dictionary.

I was bursting with excitement before I walked into the office on my first day at Harappa, not realizing that the very next day I would be sitting on my dining table, and working from home because of the lockdown.

Harappa is my very first experience of working in the field of education. My earlier experience was in home décor and interior design or turning houses into homes.

I was working with Fabindia as a designer for its home and lifestyle section, and coming into Harappa was a completely new world.

This being my first experience in the education field, I was prepared to dive in and learn all about the brand and take up the challenge of designing for it.

But then we went into working from home.

The lockdown has definitely not been easy, but I am so grateful to my teammates who have always made me feel a part of the team, even when away. We are regular with our design meetings every morning, with team updates.

I am thankful I was entrusted with independent design projects at such an early stage, which is further helping me adapt to the brand identity and workflow.

I think working from home is really a big challenge for me because I like separating my workspace from my personal space. And with me being at home 24×7, it is a thin line.

Since it’s a new job, I’ve had to adapt to new design languages, a new style of working, and definitely new team members.

It isn’t easy to start working remotely just a day after joining.

But it isn’t tough either: Harappa has definitely found a way around it to make its employees feel secure, stable and safe in these times of uncertainty.

[This is the third part of a 3-part series. You can read part 2 here, and part 1 here]

Krutika Sarin is a Visual Design Manager at Harappa Education. She comes with multidisciplinary design experience ranging from furniture design to graphic designing.

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