Excellence is not an act, but a habit. 

One such everyday hero who exemplifies this is Nakul Agrawal, a renowned TEDx speaker who runs an NGO to help people live a more conscious, meaningful, and beautiful life. 

What makes Nakul a hero is how he and his team at RENOVATIO mobilized their resources to work on the frontlines during the COVID-19 lockdown when the entire world was in a state of panic and chaos.

Through his Nagpur-based NGO RENOVATIO, he identified the urgent need for face shields for frontline workers to prevent possible infections from COVID. After ideating and experimenting with various designs, they came up with an innovative design that protected the face and did not obstruct access.

They distributed these face shields to police officers, municipal corporation staff, doctors, social workers, and petrol pump attendants. More than 10,000 face shields were distributed by Nakul and his team in central India to protect people from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nakul is one of Harappa’s 10 Habit Heroes and is being recognized by Harappa for his work with the community. The Harappa Habit Heroes initiative applauds people who have embraced change through acts of courage and civic engagement during the lockdown. These heroes have walked the extra mile to bravely and compassionately help the underprivileged in various ways, be it by providing them food and clothing or by raising funds.

"The world could definitely do with a lot more compassion, empathy, human connection, motivation, and decisive action, perhaps now more than ever,” says jury member and Harappa faculty Radha Kulkarni. “Recognition for inspiring work most certainly encourages even more people to take initiative and act to improve the lives of others, thus compounding the cycle of goodness."

Nakul’s heroism does not stop there. He also identified the importance of ensuring individual mental and physical health in times of such a crisis. He worked with his team to develop a mobile application named ‘Uhum’. 

Uhum allows users to request mental health support through meditation and counseling through their network of 50+ psychologists. Users can also look after their physical health by accessing videos on yoga and workouts-at-home. 

“In times of adversity, we always have an opportunity to serve, an opportunity to contribute, an opportunity to create, and an opportunity to give ourselves to a worthy cause,” Nakul says.

Nakul’s efforts were not limited to his team alone. He also helped bring several social groups and workers together under an umbrella organization called Together We Can to work alongside police to distribute food grains and meals to lakhs of people.

Nakul left no stone unturned to extend help and reach out to as many people as possible. He also utilized his social media network to connect with followers through Facebook and Instagram. 

He hosted a session on Facebook to help his followers learn how to master their mind, body, and spirit. He also had an Instagram series called OpenUp in Lockdown where he invited health and wellness experts to help people spend their time meaningfully and productively. 

Nakul believes he is fueled by his clarity of intention in continuing to serve people and help them fulfill their passion and purpose. He does not need any motivation to fuel his exceptional work. 

During the pandemic, he used important skills of creative problem-solving, networking, and collaborating to make an impact in the world. His story is an inspiration to all of us to find the hero within ourselves.

“In times of adversity, we always have an opportunity to serve, an opportunity to contribute, an opportunity to create, and an opportunity to give ourselves to a worthy cause,” he says.

Ask Nakul how he’s able to juggle so many hats, and he credits his clarity of purpose as his inspiration.

Nakul Agrawal is one of 10 Harappa Habit Heroes. Meet all the Habit Heroes here and read about other inspiring Habit Heroes here, here and here.

Aruna Chawla works with the Brand Communications team at Harappa Education. She’s an ex-lawyer and lifelong learner. 

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