Words can motivate us in the worst of times. Many of us have inspiring quotes and notes stuck on our walls, shelves and even the bathroom mirror. They help us when we’re feeling down. These words inspire us to take charge of the day.

But most of all, these words of wisdom from some of the finest people in the world remind us of our purpose. Our purpose is the reason we are what we are or do what we do. You wake up in the morning, power on your laptop and get to work. Why? It’s because you want to make a living, you want career success and you want to grow as a professional.

Maybe you decide to start your own bakery. Why? You’re a great baker and your decadent creations bring joy to others. That’s your purpose. So, how do you put this into words that you can come back to? You write a purpose statement.

  1. What Is A Purpose Statement

  2. How To Write Purpose Statement

The following sections will discuss examples of purpose statements and how to write purpose statement.

What Is A Purpose Statement?

A purpose statement defines the ‘why’ behind your actions in a few crisp words. You don’t have to write passages on it. Most purpose statement samples are a single line, which does the trick. Many organizations add a purpose statement to their business plan. This is helpful for investors, customers, employees and clients to understand why the organization started doing business in the first place. Employees find the purpose statement inspiring because it explains what resides at the heart of their organization. What drives them forward and encourages them to achieve their goals.

Here are some excellent purpose statement samples:

  1. Netflix: 

“At Netflix, we want to entertain the world”

  1. Lego: 

“To inspire and develop the builds of tomorrow”

  1. Microsoft:

 “To empower every person and organization on this planet to achieve more”

  1. Penguin Random House: 

“To ignite a universal passion for reading”

  1. Google: 

“To organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”

Each of these purpose statement samples is unique and speaks to the essence of the organization. You can instantly recognize the brand by their words. That’s how effective your statement needs to be. Purpose statement samples need to address the ‘why’. For instance, most of us grew up reading books published by Penguin Random House, a well-known publishing house.. Why they’re in the business of publishing is to encourage people to read, and they’re doing just that.

How To Write Purpose Statement

Some of the best purpose statements you’ll come across are one-liners. If you can contain your idea, your reason for being and your passion in a few words, people will also be quick to warm to it. You can create a purpose statement for your own needs—to remind yourself why you started. Here’s how to write purpose statement whether for personal or professional needs:

  • Think about why you have certain goals and explain your reasons without worrying about the word limit

  • Write down what you hope to achieve with your actions—be it to inspire change with your words or build a community

  • Give reasons that set you apart from others, make it unique to you and your purpose

  • Avoid generic statements that can apply to not just your business but also a million others

  • Be as detailed and specific as possible so the reader knows exactly what you’re trying to say

Once you’ve figured out these elements, you’ll find it easier to write a purpose statement that’s impactful. Purpose statement samples will give you an idea of how you should go about it. Read up on successful businesses, what they do, why and how they do it to understand their motivation and inspiration. Learning from other examples of purpose statements will help you in your own endeavors. You never know, you may even pick up a skill or two!

Examples of purpose statements are a part of business communication. You’re informing your clients or employees of your purpose. At the same time, you have to account for others who may be affected by your actions. This includes the environmental impact and how your business might affect local communities.

Learning how to write purpose statement will help you in your business goals. Harappa’s Writing Proficiently course includes frameworks and key concepts like the GRT (Goal-Recipient-Tone). Learn how to write succinctly, clearly and compellingly with important tips from our expert faculty. You can practice and practice some more to master the important art of writing well.

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