Got a great job but a horrible boss who’s making work unbearable? That’s not a happy state to be in.

A bullying boss can cause high stress levels and depression which hurts both productivity and personal lives.

Remember Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada? Horrible bosses can be petty, insecure, or just downright mean.

Here’s a message for such bosses.

  1. Treat Us Like Adults: Trust your employees. Don’t assign them a task and then try to do it yourself. Treat them like mature adults who can take responsibility.

  1. Don’t Throw Us Under The Bus: Constantly undermining employees makes them under-perform and then leave. Bosses need to take responsibility for their teams and not throw them under the bus at a drop of a hat.

  1. We Are Not Sheep, Don’t Treat Us Like A Herd: Bosses need to understand their team members and treat each individual as a unique person. It’s important to work around every team member’s strengths and shortcomings.

  1. We Are Not Threatening Your Position: No one likes a petty boss who sees everyone as a threat and constantly undermines people when they do well.

  1. Please Don’t Micromanage Us: Bosses who micromanage and yet are unable to get any work done are not managing anything at all. They are unable to understand the limitations of their employees and end up alienating them.

    Chandrima Chatterjee is Manager, Curriculum at Harappa Education.

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