Alam was frantic with worry. He had a video interview with a potential employer—an organization he’s been dreaming of ever since he joined university.

He was tense about his Wi-Fi connection giving up on him in the middle of the interview! So, as a precautionary step, he did a tech check 10 minutes prior to make sure everything was in order.

Learn how you can tackle a remote job interview, remote interview tips and how to prepare for a remote job interview.

  1. Remote Interviews Paving The Way

  2. Remote Interview Challenges To Look Out For

  3. Overcome Remote Interview Challenges With Harappa

Remote Interviews Paving The Way

It’s no secret remote interviews or even an online interview for work from home—whether telephonic or video—have become the norm. Today, you’re not required to visit your potential workplace for an interview. You can simply log onto your computer, or phone, and dial in.

Organizations have adapted to a changing landscape where accessibility is limited—at least for now. They find video or telephone interviews are equally relevant for assessing potential candidates for a job.

A remote interview is quick, less stressful and convenient for many candidates. For instance, if you’re sitting in your bedroom, you’ll find it a lot more comfortable than an unfamiliar office space.

Here are a few benefits of a remote interview:

  • It gives organizations the opportunity to cast a wider net with remote employees

  • It opens doors to better opportunities because applicants can reach out to employers in different parts of the world

  • It’s a lot more comfortable to talk in a familiar space where you can control the environment

  • It’s more feasible for candidates and organizations as it reduces transportation costs, uses fewer resources and requires a minimal setup

  • It gives you the chance to build rapport with the interviewer even if you’re not physically meeting each other

If you’re giving an online interview for work from home, consider it practice for when you’ll be attending virtual meetings!

Remote interviews can be a boon for many. But there are some things you should be mindful of before, during and after your interview.

Remote Interview Challenges To Look Out For

Interviews, in general, are nerve-racking, leaving us in a cold sweat. It’s triggered by a fear of making a mistake and losing something you really want.

It’s normal to be nervous before an interview because you can’t control what kind of questions the interviewer will ask or some aspects of your environment. There may be a power cut in your area, or your pet suddenly might demand to go out.

Here’s a list of challenges you can face in a remote interview:

  1. Internet Woes

A weak internet connection is one of the most prevalent challenges during a remote interview because it can affect your communication—and in some cases frustrate the employer, forcing them to stop the interview short.

  1. Noisy Neighbors

If your neighborhood dogs are especially energetic, you may hear them barking in the background during your call. If there’s construction nearby, that can seriously disrupt communication and break your concentration.

  1. Enthusiastic Housemates

For those of us who live with our families, another struggle is locking that door! If you’re not careful, your parents or siblings can walk into your room at any given moment. Imagine you’re in the middle of your interview and you hear a loud “lunch is ready!”

There are certain challenges to a remote interview that you can, in fact, control. Here’s how to prepare for a remote interview:

  • Asking whether you’ll need to share your screen during the interview beforehand

  • Checking whether it’s going to be an audio or video call to not be caught by surprise at the last minute

  • Confirming the time and logging in 10 minutes before

  • Checking that your laptop or phone are fully charged or plugged in

  • Making sure the interviewer can hear and see you properly before you begin

  • Finding a notebook in advance to take down notes where needed

  • Having a glass of water by your side in case you feel parched while speaking

You may be at home or at a café, but it doesn’t change the fact that a job interview is an important step in your career. Preparation, practice and thought must go into your remote interview. Dress well in formal attire, pay attention to your body language and other nonverbal cues and try to stay calm and composed.

Overcome Remote Interview Challenges With Harappa

Harappa’s Ace The Interview course will teach you the most frequently asked questions in an interview. You’ll learn how to tackle virtual interviews from our stellar faculty. With a powerful framework like the 4 Ps of Oral Delivery (Projection-Pitch-Pace-Pauses), you’ll equip yourself with the tools to moderate your nonverbal cues.

Participate in our Mock Interview Simulation and get direct feedback from our faculty on your responses. Mastering the art of interviews will help you today and for all future interviews.

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