Ridhima knows four languages, including her native tongue. She wants to work in a multinational that deals with international clients. Upon discussion with her mentor, she decides to create a language skills CV.

Language proficiency for a resume is not only helpful in attracting recruiters but also sets you apart. There are many, many candidates who have a wide variety of unique skills. But there’s still scope for you to distinguish yourself. One way to do this is by flaunting your language skills.

Let’s learn how you can show off your language proficiency for a resume.

  1. A Guide To Resume Language Skills

  2. How To Add Language Skills To A Resume

A Guide To Resume Language Skills


Mentioning your language skills on your resume helps you get your foot in the door. Resume language skills aren’t relevant only for roles that demand these abilities. You can apply for an array of roles that may not specifically need multiple languages.

But it makes a difference. When you and someone else are applying for the same job, the one who’s more skilled will stand a better chance. A recruiter wants to know if you’re willing to learn something that’s not directly job-related. This shows you’re curious about the world. You’re a sport when it comes to stepping out of your comfort zone. This also represents your ability to handle unfamiliar territory—something that can occur frequently in a workplace.


Here’s why you should add language proficiency to your resume:

  • Improves your chances of getting the job by outperforming other candidates with your language skills

  • It shows that you’re willing to learn about other cultures and people

  • Learning languages helps you build cognitive skills that are especially relevant in a professional setting

  • It’ll open more doors for you, offering new and better opportunities that may not be restricted to one location

  • It’ll also give you something to talk about during your interview

There are many advantages to a language skills section in your resume. What you need to know now is how to present this information in a way that’s clear, concise and impactful. 

How To Add Language Skills To A Resume


How you create a language skills section in your resume is entirely subjective and depends on where you’re applying, the kind of job, organization and more. One thing that’s standard, however, is mentioning your proficiency level.

Here are some things to keep in mind when writing about your language proficiency:


  • Make sure you add more than just ‘native’, ‘intermediate’ and ‘fluent’. Use words like ‘conversational’, ‘advanced’ or ‘elementary’

  • You can add a progress bar to your language skills as a visual representation of where you are with your skill level

  • If you have a certification for a language, you can add it with a scale showcasing your level of proficiency

  • Try to highlight any awards or events you’ve attended owing to your language development

  • Create a distinct section to put the spotlight on your language skills as these truly will set you apart from the rest

You can choose any number of templates to present your language skills. As long as they’re clearly defined, visible and well-written, you’ll have a good shot at getting onto the  ‘suitable’ candidate list. Adding such skills can help you out in a job interview. Many times, an interviewer will ask you to talk about what you’ve written in your resume. They may be keen to learn about why you pursued a particular language. This gives you the window you need to talk about your passions and aspirations. It’s a chance to showcase your drive and motivation for the job role and organization. Align your answers with the job requirement to build a concrete case for yourself!


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