Vanshita and Anjali have been heading two research teams at a software development firm for the last four years. Recently, the position of senior manager became vacant, and both Vanshita and Anjali are expecting a promotion. While Vanshita has sound technical knowledge and interesting project ideas, Anjali is known for her interpersonal skills and a concrete five-year plan for herself and the organization.

Both Vanshita and Anjali have a strong skill set. But for a senior manager, some skills are more important than others. Read on to discover what an organization needs from a senior manager to drive a high-performance organizational culture.

  1. Roles And Responsibilities Of A Senior Manager

  2. How To Harness Senior Manager Skills And Senior Manager Qualities?

Roles And Responsibilities Of A Senior Manager

The roles and responsibilities of a senior manager usually revolve around strategy building and overall supervision. These can include a variety of tasks, such as:

  • Guiding supervisors of individual departments

  • Approving recruitments

  • Handling departmental budgets

  • Overseeing employee performance

  • Creating organizational aims and objectives

  • Making critical decisions for the future of the organization

With the above responsibilities in mind, here are some senior manager skills and senior manager qualities that’ll help your organization succeed:

  1. Vision

A senior manager must have a short-term and a long-term vision for the organization. This includes identifying targets and goals and creating a roadmap to achieve them. They must also have the foresight to anticipate—and solve—possible problems the organization might face, be it while executing projects, meeting client expectations or communicating efficiently with employees.

  1. Leadership

While leadership is one of the most evident senior manager qualities, it isn’t always easy to define. Simply put, a senior manager should know how to make the best use of their resources and teams. As a leader, they must determine when to lead from the front and when to delegate tasks and take a back seat. A good leader must also keep inspiring and motivating their team.

  1. People Skills

Among the roles and responsibilities of a senior manager, people skills are arguably the most crucial. An effective senior manager must have good communication skills, must understand the strengths and weaknesses of each team member and engage with them in an appropriate manner. For example, while some employees may need regular monitoring to perform better, some just need the right motivation. A senior manager must also know when to be strict with their associates and when to give them a pep talk.

  1. Conflict Management

The roles and responsibilities of a senior manager demand swift and smooth conflict resolution, which is easier said than done. Conflicts may delay projects, increase costs and create an unhappy work environment. Unfortunately, conflicts are inevitable, though with proper attention and the right communication, they can be resolved before they become severe. A senior manager should be able to identify the nature and severity of a conflict before trying to find a solution. Similarly, they should make sure that team members cooperate with one another during difficult times. If a senior manager can get teams to stick together when the going gets tough, they’re sure to overcome obstacles and help improve team morale.

  1. Technical Specialization

Specialization and thorough knowledge of their work help senior managers make quick decisions. Moreover, when employees perceive that a senior manager is an expert on a subject matter or is speaking from experience, they’re more likely to work with them to achieve the organizational goals.

How To Harness Senior Manager Skills And Senior Manager Qualities?

There are a number of ways in which senior managers can learn to improve their core skills and qualities in order to thrive in their roles.

Harappa Education’s High Performing Leaders program is designed to serve as a step-by-step guide for senior managers. Our comprehensive program structure will help potential senior managers in your organization:

  • Persuade and influence clients

  • Decode the big picture without compromising on the details

  • Mitigate risks and manage crises

  • Come up with innovative solutions

  • Strive for diversity and inclusion

With the purpose of integrating all the must-have senior manager skills and senior manager qualities, the program’s curriculum and framework have been designed to balance theoretical understanding with practical application.

Helping the bright young associates in your organization become competent senior managers has never been easier!

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